Watch full interview with our graduates & Theatre MUAs & Wiggies Becky & Danielle

As a tribute to the UK Theatre industry & all of you who are currently out of work & with the hope that it will all go back to normal once these restrictions are lifted, you can now watch our full interview with Theatre MUAs & Wig assistants and our graduates Becky & Danielle & find out what it’s like to be working on “The Lion King” Musical.

Naomi Donne, “1917” and Bond films Hair & Makeup Designer, chats to Christine Blundell

Christine Blundell, an Oscar & BAFTA winning Hair & Makeup Designer and CBM Academy Principal, talking to Naomi Donne, “1917” film Hair & Makeup Designer. With over 70 credits to her name & her amazing Theatre work on Broadway, Naomi Donne is one of the leading UK Hair & Makeup Designers today. We were so honoured to talk to Naomi the other week = Thank you so much to Naomi for sharing her time with us!

Christine’s Trainee Makeup Artists & CB*MA graduates share their experience

Trainee Makeup Artists & our recent graduates Amy & Sarah talk about being Christine Blundell’s Main Team & Crowd Room Trainee MUAs on her latest HBO TV Series “The Nevers”. Everything you wanted to know about day to day Makeup Artist Trainee role on film set. Email us if you have any additional questions and Amy & Sarah will be happy to help.

2 Makeup Designers Talk About Onset Etiquette & What Qualities They Look for in a Trainee Makeup Artist

Watch the whole video to find out which qualities Makeup Designers look for in a Trainee Makeup Artist – a must see, if you are thinking about becoming one! Christine and Tahira talk about basic Onset Etiquette, their own careers, as well as giving you tips for how best to work & communicate on set. Please contact us if you have any additional questions, Tahira and Christine will be happy to answer them via email.