CB*MA Tutors

Leading UK Hair & Makeup Professionals Actively Working in Film & TV Industry

CB*MA tutors all currently work as professional film, TV and theatrical makeup designers and artists, and are chosen not just for their experience but also for their personality and ability to teach in an enjoyable, yet effective way.

You will learn from award-winning experts in all aspects of specialist areas. As an example our prosthetics tutor has worked not only on Doctor Who but also helped created the animatronics you saw in War Horse, whilst our Theatre Tutor has recently returned from South Asia where she has overseen the first production of Les Miserables in Japan. Christine is constantly searching for up and coming, as well as established, make up artists and designers to come and teach at the Make up school. You can see below the calibre of tutors at our academy.

Part of the process of teaching and one of the reasons we have “real” make up artists teaching and not full time teachers, is the fact that they communicate to the students, about their experiences, good and bad. You will receive tips on how to handle the challenging personalities you will no doubt meet.

Learning your craft is one thing but there is no substitute for guidance from those who have been there and done it in the real world.

Jane Walker

After spending a good six months a year in Belfast’s Titanic Studios, where Jane Walker is the Multi-award-winning make up designer on ‘Game of Thrones’, our esteemed tutor (though she never blows her trumpet)  then comes into CBMA for our Casualty module. With film credits far too long to name, but by designing cult favourites like “Shaun of the Dead” and “Attack the Block” as well as “GOT”, she’s up there with the best…


Jeremy Woodhead

Fresh from his Oscar & BAFTA nomination as designer of “Judy” and having previously worked on The Lord of The Rings and The Woman in Black. Jeremy’s energy has been a great asset in teaching our students a variety of skills.



Sara Kramer

A London College of Fashion alumni, Sara Kramer is our undisputed Queen of Casualty. She has done many years of TV hair and make up, most recently ‘Holby City’ and ‘Endeavour’ and is on one feature film to the next. She was one of the youngest make up designers on her first feature, ‘Young Sinatra’ with the new Dr Who, Petar Capaldi. Our Boot Camps with her would reduce grown men to rubble, and her favourite phrase in our casualty module is “not enough blood”.


Paul Gooch

Having Paul teach at the academy is a fantastic opportunity for our students to work with someone so credited within the industry. Paul has designed and worked on many films such as ‘Pirates of the Carribean’, Les Misarables’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and working on most of Tim Burtons films as well. It is always a plesure to have Paul here, teaching our students all there is to know about Basic hair, Barbering and even period hair and makeup looks.



Luca Vannella

Luca Vannella started his career as a hair stylist in his family business salon in Central Rome where he was born. At the age of 19, Luca moved to London to work at Tony & Guy, where he was quickly moved up to the position as Style Director, before moving on to the fashion world. After threes years, Luca moved back to Italy to peruse his dream career in the Film industry. Luca is now back in London working to create his own legacy that will remain in the film industries history. He has worked on a huge variety of films such as, Thor, Skyfall, War Horse, Harry Potter and most recently Heart of the Sea and The Avengers.



Cynthia De La Rosa

Our Tutor, Wig specialist & Hair & Makeup Artist, Cynthia De La Rosa started her career working as theatre Wig specialist for the National Theatre and is now working in both film and theatre. Cynthia lately worked on projects such as TV series: Des, The Great, The Windsors & also recently on the Blithe Spirit comedy.


Suzzane Harper

Suzanne worked as a Crowd Supervisor & Crowd makeup artist and hair stylist in her career, on films like Dumbo and Sherlock Holmes and she is also one of our Tutors.



Gina Blondell

Gina Blondell is our South London Fashion make up tutor and a more stylish addition to our tutor group you couldn’t find. Graduating from university with a degree in Graphics and Illustration, Gina then went on to train at CBM Academy. Predominantly working within the realm of fashion, Gina also works in film, music and advertising. And has the best boots in the business. Fact.


Julia Wilson

For our casualty week our students are with one of the safest pair of hands in the industry. Julies credits range from Gladiator to Dark Knight Rises. After many years in the industry she is still very excited about products and what they can do.



Andrew Simonin

Andrew came to us from the theatre — a world full of sumptuous wigs and styles. He is already the talk of the film world and is as we speak, working on “Thor”!



Jana Carboni

Jana is our ‘new kid on the block’ tutor and it is such a pleasure to have her here with us at the academy. With the nickname ‘Facial Queen’ our students are certain to learn the very best techniques in applying and creating facial hair. Not only this but her Casulty make up skills have also come to impress the students as well. Jana has worked on some very well know films, such as, ‘Romeo & Juliette’, ‘Prometheus’ and ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ to name a few.



Claire Matthews

Claire’s latest project was a Principal Hair & Makeup Artist to Lady Bridgerton in the highly acclaimed Netflix series “Bridgerton” . Claire has behind her a very successful career working on Film and TV since late 80s.



Denise Kum

Denise worked as Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics designer on many major films, the most recent being Mulan, Operation Mincemeat and Radioactive.



Giuseppe Cannas

Giuseppe is a Head of Wigs, Hair and Make-up at the National Theatre in London. From hand-stitching every single hair, to creating exploding eyeballs, Cannas’s work not only involves a wide range of disciplines, but also managing a team of almost two dozen people.


Laura Boaten

Laura graduated in 2002 from the highly prestigious University of the Arts (attending The London College of Fashion) where she studied Art and Design, Womenswear with Textiles, and finally Editorial Hair styling and Specialist Makeup HND.

She went on to have a long and successful career spanning over 18 years with The Estée Lauder Companies, working for the MAC PRO Global Flagship store providing masterclasses and education at locations in and around London.

Over the years Laura has worked at fashion week shows and social media influencer events, her work has appeared on celebrities, on Channel 4 and in music videos. She covers the Introduction to makeup module at CBMA.

Lesa Warrener

Lesa has been Christine’s chief make-up artist for some years now….how does she put up with it! A lovelier character you are not going to meet. We try and arrange Lesa to start the course as all the new students are nervous. She soon has them working with big fat smiles.



Amy Byrne

Amy’s extensive credits range from ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ to ‘Kick – Ass’, and all the Harry Potter movies. She has held court with us over our exclusive Boot Camp to casualty.



Kristyan Mallet


Prosthetic artist and designer, Kristyan Mallett, has established himself in the film industry over a number of years and is one of the world’s leading professionals in the field. With a wealth of experience in film and TV, his credits include Artemis Fowl, Detective Pikachu, Mission Impossible 6, Justice League, Transformers, The Mummy, Legend, Black Mirror, The Theory of Everything, Les Miserables and many more. 



Harriet Thompson

Harriet worked as Makeup artist, Makeup supervisor and designer on many major films and TV series since 2010.



Nuria Mbomio

Nuria has been a Makeup artist for more than 20 years now, working on many major films and TV Series, like The Crown & Jurassic World, to name just a few. Wealth of experience and a lovely personality – our students absolutely love her!



Julie Dartnell

Julie has been working as a Designer , Supervisor and Key Hair & Makeup artist in the Film industry since late 80s, on amazing projects like Wonder Woman, The Grand Budapest, World War Z, Robin Hood , to name just a few.


Susan Cole

Hair & Makeup Designer Susan Cole graduated from our Academy in 2015 and since then worked on many projects as a Makeup Artist and then designed Marcella and Pennyworth TV Series in 2020. Susan’s expertise lies in Wigs & Period hair and she usually teaches our Wig dressing & styling module.

Andrea Finch

Andrea has most recently worked as Crowd hair & makeup supervisor on such gems like Batman and 1917, managing huge crowds and trainee and junior makeup artists.