I was searching for notes on my computer and stumbled on saved blogs from many years gone by.

They were wonderful to read and also quite upsetting as to how long we have been teaching for and how old I am getting!

One blog was about the time “One Direction” came to the academy as they were doing a skit along Camden market. They were put into foam costumes and the makeup was done here by Donald I believe?

I was oblivious as to who they were or what they did; my excuse is that I am an old miserable man.

My knowledge of famous people or lack of it did not stop there…..I tried to stop Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”) from entering the academy because I did not know who it was!

Luckily for me Gal took it all in her stride, I did not know she was a martial arts expert too! 

Sienna Miller on set with Cillian Murphy on Hippie Hippie Shake Makeup Designer Christine Blundell

Then there was Sienna Miller and then ……Well the list goes on and on!

All these beautiful and wonderful people coming in to the academy because of Christine’s film projects…..I have vowed to learn all the actors that come in now!

In attempting to create, maybe not the perfect school, but at least an excellent one, we realised that what happened after the graduation is as important as time spent studying with us.

Here are some of our main principles in preparing the CB*MA student for life after their graduation:

  • Teamwork is paramount.
  • A sense of Family is second to none.
  • And yet you are taught to think as an individual.
  • Encouraged to create your own skills.

Louis Pasteur said that “Chance favours only the prepared mind.” 

It is not good enough to be “creative” , we must also be ready when an opportunity comes our way.

We always say to our graduates that organization is the key. The most important thing to succeed as a freelance make – up artist, is to be really focused on what you want to achieve, and where you want your career to go.

An organized person will have more chance in finding inspiration.

It is no good waiting for something to happen, regardless of what you have done. Waiting for inspiration is futile.

Begin to notice things.

Luck is a matter of preparation, meeting opportunity.

Keep things simple, always remember what drew you to study and become a makeup in the first place.

And Finally Enjoy!