2021 has been an exciting whirlwind of activity for me so far! I’m incredibly grateful for the support you, CB*MA, and my course cohort have provided since finishing the course. Having a group of people who care about each other even after leaving the school is the most wonderful confidence booster! Thank you so much for the chance to TA for various modules and taster days this year — I had such great time assisting and would love to come back and help out in the future whenever I am available. The skills and connections I’ve gained through CB*MA have been integral for me starting out in the industry as a hair & makeup trainee. I love the variety of work I have gotten so far ranging from low budget and student films to high end TV drama productions. I have enjoyed getting experience on the bigger productions as a trainee as well as doing smaller projects which allow me to gain more hands-on experience working on hair, makeup, and prosthetics.

In April I worked as a trainee in the crowd room for Pistol, a limited series about The Sex Pistols directed by Danny Boyle and hair & makeup designed by Ivana Primorec, which has been full of incredible 1970s punk and mainstream glam looks! Over the past couple months, they’ve brought me back in to work busier days as a crowd room trainee where I helped with fittings and calls, tattoo coverup, brushed hair out, derigging, wig blocking and washing, organising and packing for travel days, and even spent quite a bit of time on set. I worked my final days on the production last week so I could do hair & makeup for a low budget indie post-apocalyptic film with Lauren, another grad from my course. We’re having a blast creating grungy, dirty down looks and it’s a great chance to get some time working on actors just before I go onto another trainee job for three months with Steph Smith. It’s my first full production contract as second unit main team trainee and I am over the moon about it!

When the job finishes in October, I’d love to pop in for a visit and cup of tea to tell you all about it! What’s after that? I’m not quite sure — perhaps I’ll try to get experience working in a prosthetics workshop or theatre?!

Hope you are well! Xx

Steph G