Not far from the high, mountainous region of Notting Hill there sits at the base an oasis, a paradise that is little known, called Notting Dale.

Think the trendy part of “Portobello market,” think, if you will, the great iconic films “Alfie” “The Italian Job,” of course “Notting Hill” and my two all time favourites ….”Bedknobs and Broomsticks!” and “Padddington!”

Yes, we have moved and what a difference a move makes! We have views and lots of windows to look out of and for the Sun to shine onto us!

We are delighted to be able to welcome our new cohort of January 4 Month course students to our brand new Academy premises!

In their first week at the Academy, they have been spoilt rotten by our amazing Media makeup module teacher Laura Boaten, learning about colour theory, deeper skin tones makeup, face shapes and many, many other amazing topics the class covered this week!

This is followed by our lovely Fashion makeup tutor, Gina Blondell and the equally brilliant Sophia Knight as our Period Makeup teacher!

CBMA New Address 2022

Apart from the stunning light at the new studio, we have a big kitchen, where we have already been making soups…..Petar is adamant that we also start roasting potatoes…..every day!

Our December graduates had their individual appraisals with our Principal Christine Blundell earlier this month, during which Christine went over their Tutors’ reports for various modules they covered during their 4 month course and discussed their future plans.

Do come in for a Studio Tour, you are more than welcome!  Or join our next Day Taster course on Sat 12th Feb and experience what it is like to study at our new Academy for a day: only one place remaining now!!

Then join our next 4 Month Film & TV Hair & Makeup course starting on 3rd May!

Best wishes

CB*MA Team