4 Week Special Effects Makeup Course

1 week of Casualty & 3 weeks of Prosthetics

Start Date : 13th Feb 2023.

Cost : £3,460

Special Effects makeup

Our on-going collaboration with the incredibly talented Prosthetic Makeup Designer Kristyan Mallett & his KM Effects Studio continues.

Special effects makeup course is designed for students who wish to have a career as SFX artists in the Film & TV industry or for existing Makeup artists who want to gain additional SFX skills they may need in their current work.  Our 4 week SFX course is eligible for the ScreenSkills training bursary and you can find more information about it below.  Both experienced makeup artists and total beginners are eligible for the bursary, the only difference is the amount of financial help you can receive.

What you will learn

Throughout the 4 weeks of our Special Effects Makeup course you will learn about creating cuts, bruises & other casualty makeup as part of our 1 week Casualty makeup module, followed by learning all about Prosthetics makeup, from doing life casting, moulding, sculpting, painting & applying the prosthetics pieces & other techniques, during the 3 weeks of Prosthetics module.  For detailed information about Special Effects Makeup module syllabus please click on the SFX Course Syllabus link below. 

After finishing your training, you will be well versed in all main Special effects techniques & ready to look for trainee SFX artist positions in numerous UK SFX studios or film or TV drama sets.

Apply for funding to progress your career

Special effects makeup Course is eligible for the ScreenSkills bursary – click here to find out more. As an example, a complete beginner can receive up to £1,000 towards the training costs and an experienced MUA up to £3,000 – a grant that you don’t have to pay back.
Special Effects Course / Screen Skills 2022 / London, UK

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