New 4 Week Special Effects Course

Start Date : 10th June 2024.

Duration : 4 weeks

Price : £4,450

Sfx course

If you are interested in Special effects makeup course and one that is designed by a leading Prosthetics Makeup designer, then you have arrived at the right place.

This SFX course has been specifically designed for students who wish to have a career as SFXartists in the Film & TV industry or for existing Makeup artists who want to gain additional SFXskills they may need in their current work.  Our New 4-week SFX course  will be the perfect platform to kick start your career in the film and TV industry as a Prosthetics trainee.

As with our successful 4 month hair and makeup course, we know what the industry is looking for and needs.

Our success speaks for itself as we have just had one of graduates win an Emmy award for their prosthetic work.

What will I learn?

You will join the course that will both give you an overall Insight to the workings of prosthetic production but also to give you confidence in product use and processes that will be the foundation of your future career in the industry. Taking you through the processes from life casting to applying your own produced silicone prosthetics onto a model. Including the more specialised days like learning hair punching and applying and colouring prosthetics pieces for different skin tones.

Your course will cover:

  • Casualty (creating cuts, bruises, burns etc)
  • Life casting
  • Sculpting flat moulds
  • Moulding, Sculpting & Casting Character pieces
  • Applying Character pieces
  • Hair punching
  • And much more……

It all started with “chopping” Mary Queen of Scots head off in 1895! This was soon followed by the classic films of ‘The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in the 1920’s. Later in the 1950’s we begin to see artists using their skills and techniques to create some truly amazing special effects with makeup and silicones.

Artists such as Dick Smith,  Stan Winston, Ben Nye and Matthew Mungle to name but a few.

These SFX artists really did advance the genre so much and so quickly that today anything is possible.

Transforming actors’ appearances with some subtle prosthetic pieces really is a work of art.

Remember, in most films and Television productions it is about “realistic wounds and cuts and brusies!”

The cost of the 4 week course, including VAT and all materials, is £4,450

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Watch below video to see not just what you will be doing on this amazing SFX course but also that you will be based in the Heart of “Notting Hill.”

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You may be eligible for a ScreenSkills training bursary for this course – click here to find out more. 

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