1 Week Facial Hair Skills Course

Start Date : 22nd July 2024.

Cost : £975


Facial Hair Skills Course

It was the Egyptians that began shaving, not just their facial Hair but heads too. This in turn was adopted by the Greeks and Romans. Soon these shaven societies began to look down on the unshaven barbarian, meaning un- barbered.

Throughout the years times and styles change, from having facial hair to not; from “mutton chops to the Spivs pencil moustache.” Occasionally, the student assumes he knows the period but follows films and not the actual period.

Module Skills

  • Beards’ Shapes & Sizes
  • Different adhesives and when to use them
  • Laying on facial hair
  • Dressing facial hair
  • Tonging
  • Blocking


After working on Exodus I can safely say that I have glued enough beards and laid on enough hair to last me a lifetime! It was great having Nik Buck teach us. She taught us that patience and reference are both very important.



Facial Hair Skills Course Photos

Here’s just a small selection of photos of students and work from our basic makeup course module.

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Module Syllabus: Facial Hair Makeup

Day 1

  • Demonstration to explain about growth of hair
  • What to instruct the beard maker when sending off shape.
  • Practise taking shapes (do a couple).
  • Demonstration – mixing hair hackle and hand.
  • Exploring different colours of hair and facial hair
  • Stubble demo and practice.

Day 2

  • Stubble practice
  • Blocking Demo
  • Blocking practice
  • Tonging Demo
  • Tonging Practice
  • Students to choose full beard and moustaches that they will apply the following day.

Day 3

  • Demo – applying sideburns and take off
  • Practise applying undressed sideburns, then take them off, clean them, dress them and re-apply (to see the importance of all the preparation.)
  • Demo – Full beard application
  • Applying yesterday’s full beards and moustaches.

Day 4

  • Demo – Laying on
  • Practise laying on blocks and tonging.
  • Demo – Eyebrows
  • Practising eyebrows

Day 5

  •  Take a shape again, to see the difference to the 1st day shape.
  • Choose a full set of facial and make it work! Match to sides, and lay on where needed, etc.
  • Remove, clean and redress all facial
  • Choose a period and choose facial, dress it and put it on.

Please note daily syllabus breakdown may be subject to slight changes depending on Tutor’s preference


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