Script Breakdown & Continuity & Bootcamp Prep Module

Start Date : 29th July 2024


What will I learn?

We believe in importance of teaching our students script breakdown & continuity because it underpins their understanding of the whole process of filming, as the scenes in a film or TV series are not filmed in a chronological order.

A script breakdown is an important process that allows them to identify all the script elements needed to prep, schedule and budget a film. A breakdown happens at a scene level, until a full, start-to-finish script breakdown is completed. This will be used to determine technical and creative requirements for each department.

During this week our students will also start prepping & creating their looks for the Bootcamp week, the final week at the Academy, when they need to complete these looks in timed conditions, that mimic the conditions on set. Our Tutor will be on hand to guide them, so they can benefit from their feedback.

We will also cover MUA Career hints and tips, as well as CVs and best practise when searching for Trainee MUA positions in the film and TV.

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