Hi Petar 

 Looking forward to coming to the academy again to learn some new skills!

 I did want to mention that not long after completing the 4 weeks of Film and Theatre wigs module with CBMA I was super excited to get cracking to find work! My main passion was always Theatre and so I emailed as many theatres as I could asking if I could come in and do work experience or shadowing or anything!

 Luckily, there was a new Head of department at “Tina turner musical” who responded when she saw my email and invited me in for an interview as they needed a new wigs team to open the show after Covid.

 My interview went well and started working immediately! I have learnt so much. 

 After a year of working there I decided to move on and learn some news skills and more importantly meet new people.  I left to do some swing work at different theatres.

This can be quite daunting moving around various theatres and working with different people.

 I worked on Moulin Rouge and & Juliet. I was then offered a job on Les Misérables.

 It has been an amazing journey so far ….long may it continue!