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CB*MA’s film and TV make-up school is based in Notting Dale, one of London’s most vibrant and creative quarters that is only 10 min walk from Portobello Road and Notting Hill. We are proud to have created an environment that is both friendly and fun, whilst providing all the professional facilities you need in your training.

You may have read about our team spirit and the importance we add to family commitment. It is time to come and see and feel it yourself.




The best way to experience all this is by coming in and spending time at the school. It could be half an hour or half a day. It will give you a greater understanding of the school and our ethos. Are we the right school for you? Is it what you imagined?

Come armed with lots of questions and I am sure all will be answered by our students. I am sure you will have at least, a greater understanding. Book a date, prepare your makeup studio tour and begin your incredible journey.

“It was a real pleasure to meet you all. I have to say it was a particularly pleasure to meet Christine and it was kind of her to give me so much of her time. I was very impressed with the school and would love to attend if you will have me ! It really helped talking to the students, who basically answered all my questions too.



At The Christine Blundell Academy you get taught by the best ! to be the best !! in every possible way from The art of makeup & Prosthetics to Essential timekeeping on set , conducting yourself on set and how to behave around The Actor …. It’s like the best family type academy you could ever consider attending , I love it there … and can’t wait to go back.

Coca Halls


CBMA is such a wonderful place to study. It’s like joining a big family where the support is like no other! You meet incredible people all the time and I have made friends for life here with my course mates. I thoroughly enjoyed the course learning a wide range of skills that will genuinely help you In the industry. They help you so much even after graduating in your job search and you are welcome back at any time. You will be making the best choice if you select this Academy for your studies!

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