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At CB*MA we pride ourselves on the excellent aftercare we offer our graduates upon completion of their course.

At CB*MA we pride ourselves on the excellent aftercare we offer our graduates upon completion of their course. Our aftercare is as important as the time you spend here during your course. You are joining a family that has no time frame.

We strive to allow graduates room to build their own unique style of working, whilst still providing them with support in getting a good start in the industry.

Once our students have completed their course we assist in any way that we can. Assistance ranges from helping with CV writing and cover letters, interview etiquette, helping with portfolios, photos, networking tips, as well as talking through how to behave on set.

We also allow our current students and graduates to borrow supplies for their jobs! This means you don’t need to spend too much money on expensive products, and you can save your hard earned cash.

We get all of our graduates onto the set of whichever major film or TV series Christine Blundell is working on, for a valuable insight into life on set.

In the last 3 years 49 of CB*MA graduates did their onset work experience on the new HBO Series “The Nevers” that will be released in the UK in May 2021.

HBO-The-NeversNo other school does this. No other school adds the level of importance that we do to aftercare. Remaining part of the CB*MA family is very important to us. We are here to help, to talk, to support. By creating a family ethos it makes us stronger and gives our graduates that extra chance to succeed. We believe it is important to strike the right balance between assistance and independence.

We believe that every student should get the opportunity to begin work after their training and be prepared to use the skills they have developed whilst studying at CB*MA; along with the confidence they need, to go out into the industry. We pass on jobs that we get called for to our current students and recent graduates. We help them to prepare for the job and make sure they feel confident, with the right equipment and attitude.

The fact that we now have so many CB*MA graduates working in the industry & with ALL of our teachers also working in the industry and constantly looking for new Make-up trainees, means that ALL of our students have a fighting chance of survival and success in the industry. We even have ex CB*MA students back here to teach because we maintain the relationship with them and can see the improvement and confidence in their skills since graduating.

Where other schools fail, we win.

11 years of students are out there dominating the industry. Become a part of the CB*MA family!

Just some of the Films our Students have worked on:

Below is a selection of projects our graduates have worked on



2018 Graduate 
Onset Experience : 

Nevers (HBO)
Discovery of Witches



2015 Graduate 
Onset Experience :

Bridgerton (Netflix)



2018 Graduate 
Onset Experience : 




2018 Graduate 
Onset Experience : 

The Crown



2018 Graduate 
Onset Experience :


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