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“Peterloo” directed by Mike Leigh, Hair & Makeup Designer Christine Blundell. Photo credit Simon Mein, copyright Thin Man Films.

Exciting News! Kristyan Mallett’s Prosthetics Studio Experts

Now Teaching @ CB*MA. Learn From The Best

Next 4 Month Course 6th January 2020

CB*MA Courses Now Eligible For ScreenSkills Training Bursaries of up to £3,000

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Small Classes / One Unique Course / Family Spirit & True Aftercare

The Christine Blundell Make-up Academy is the only Make-up school in the UK run by an Oscar & BAFTA winning Make-up Designer actively working in the industry. All our Tutors currently work as professional Film, TV & Theatre Make-up Artists & Designers. Now in its 11th year, our Academy nurtures a true Family spirit & Aftercare and we only run one Make-up course at any one time, with the maximum class size of 14 students. In addition, all our graduates are given the opportunity to join Christine on set, gaining valuable experience after completing their course. Read More

Next Makeup Course 6th January 2020

Exciting News! – The KM Effects Ltd Prosthetics Studio is now in partnership with our Academy and its Expert Prosthetics Artists, including Kristyan Mallett himself, will be teaching @ our next 4 Month course, starting 6th January! What an amazing training opportunity @ CB*MA, especially if you are passionate about SFX & Prosthetics art!

And as always, linked to other course modules, you will be taught by Christine Blundell’s team of industry leading tutors, who have a wealth of experience of Film, TV and Theatre Hair & Make up.  We promise you not just a superb technical grounding but also an insight into the industry, based on the experiences of those who have felt the pressures of real deadlines and developed the tricks for managing the day-to-day realities of applying make-up and styling hair backstage, or on a bustling, often chaotic film set. Christine has extensive knowledge of the industry and will assist in many ways to help the students; from offering on set experience, excellent tutors and networking opportunities, to helping you grasp budget breakdown skills and so much more…

CB*MA Update July 2019

What an amazing month we had here at CB*MA! Christine started her latest project with HBO and so far more than 20 of our recent graduates joined her on set as Trainee and Junior Makeup Artists! And our first collaboration with KM Effects studio SFX Experts teaching at our 3 week Prosthetics module was a great success and we even had a Makeup artist from India joining us this time.

Meanwhile, our April class is learning about applying Facial hair this week and looking forward to start prepping for their Bootcamp week soon. They will have 2 Bootcamp tasks each day, with different period and Film & TV characters to prep for. As always, timing & good planning is of the essence, in trying to mimic the onset conditions they will be soon working in. Their Graduation day is Friday 9th August, after which they will be joining Christine on set for their work experience this autumn.

Please note that CBM Academy will be closed for summer from Saturday 10th August until Monday 2nd September, when our next 4 Month course starts. However, we will be , of course, answering emails and FB / Instagram messages during August as well. Have a lovely summer everyone and see you all in September!

Upcoming CB*MA Events

Come to our next Open Evening, Thursday 3rd October, 6-9pm and immerse yourself in hands-on Film, TV & Theatre Makeup and Special effects? Our Expert Tutors, who are leading UK Makeup Artists and Designers, joined by our ex Graduates and current Students, will show you basic Makeup & Casualty skills. And all that with a complimentary glass of wine – what’s not to like!

Learn Casualty Makeup @ Our Next Day Taster course Saturday 5th October, £95 Only – Your day will be taken up with understanding the Importance of Breaking Down A Character / Recreating a Homeless Film character (and you will be using numerous Casualty makeup techniques to achieve this). Attending our Day Taster course is a perfect way to discover what it takes to become a Makeup artist & what’s it feels like to study at the UK’s leading Film & TV Makeup school.

100% of our Graduates get paid on set experience.

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When you join our family you benefit not only from Christine Blundell’s years of experience in theatre and films, but also from the vast network of media and entertainment contacts she has nurtured, many of whom will be teaching you. In addition, all our courses are run in small groups, allowing us to focus well on each individual student. All our graduates are given the opportunity to join Christine on set, thus allowing them to gain valuable experience after completing their course.

Our Experts

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CB*MA Graduates have worked on

To succeed in your career as a film and TV makeup artist you will need real drive and commitment, and at the Chistine Blundell Academy for Film & Television in London (CB*MA) we promise to reward that commitment by offering our industry-leading training courses and the support needed to realise your goals.

The Film & TV industry is an exacting and demanding one, but there are few industries that are ultimately as rewarding and fun as a life spent behind the scenes on a film and TV set helping to bring stories to life on the silver screen (or indeed the plasma screen!).

As long as there have been movie stars, there have have been make up artists making them look good. From the ability to make an actor appear ‘natural’ while on camera, to the ability to transform an actor completely with special effects makeup, the Film & TV makeup artist has long been a treasured part of the entertainment industry as a whole. Part art, part science, the discipline of Film & TV makeup is a wondrous craft where gifted individuals use the infinitely malleable palette of the human face and body to bring dreams into reality.

Christine Blundell’s Amazing Film Biography

Christine first got involved in hair and make up when styling bands in the late  ‘70s and working in a salon in Kensington Market. She went on to open her own hairdressing salon, which she ran successfully for 4 years and then embarked on an intensive three-month make-up course. After completing the course, Christine worked on Phantom of the Opera doing prosthetics and went on to work for LWT, gaining invaluable experience on sketch shows and T.V. films.

Her first feature with Mike Leigh was Life is Sweet, which marked the beginning of a long and successful working relationship that has spanned more than 20 years and produced 10 features including Secrets and Lies, Topsy Turvy, Vera Drake, Happy-Go- Lucky, Another Year and Mr. Turner, for which she received a BAFTA nomination. Christine won both an Academy Award and a BAFTA for Topsy Turvy and in 2004 received BAFTA nominations for both Vera Drake and Finding Neverland. Christine’s other varied film credits include The Full Monty, Closer, The Constant Gardener, Casino Royale, Eastern Promises, Sherlock Holmes, Trance, About Time and The Fifth Estate.

More recently, Christine has worked on Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, Brian Helgeland’s Legend, Michael Grandage’s Genius, Paddington 2 Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur and Wonder Woman.

In addition, Christine finished working on Mike Leigh’s new film Peterloo at the end of August last year, a period drama with a cast of over 100 actors, based on events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where British forces fired on a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester.  She then started working on Guy Ritchie’s new project “Aladdin” in September 2018, a live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name, which finished filming in January 2018. After a short break, Christine begun filming with Bill Condon on The Good Liar in July 2018, with a stellar cast headed by Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen.  August 2018 was all about working on “Aladdin” pick-ups, where Christine was joined on set by a number of our recent CBMA graduates, who were completing their onset work experience.


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