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A thank you note from CB*MA graduate Nadine Keiser

Dear Chris, thank you so much for having me on “Aladdin” and for trusting me with all your trainees.

And thank you for CB*MA. When I came to London I tried for two years to get my foot in the door. It did not work out. But thanks to CB*MA and the supporting Aftercare, I found new work all over London.

I still have wonderful memories of CB*MA and also from all the films I was lucky enough to work on. All thanks to the people I met at and through CB*MA.

I hope all the rest of the adventure goes well.

Thank you for everything xx Nadine

Click here to view Nadine’s Imdb profile to see other films she has worked on (The Mummy, Wonder Woman, Assassin’s creed and many more)

Latest from ITV2 sitcom spoof spy action-thriller “Action Team” from our graduate Heather

Vicky McClure joins spy spoof Action Team

Just a catch up…

I recently completed my first trainee job under the direction of Christine Cant, on ITV2 show “Action Team.”

Using the skills I learnt at the academy, really helped me in the work that I was asked to do on set.

I found the work incredibly exciting, particularly to be working on a fast moving TV set. I worked closely with all members of the make-up crew and assisted with make-up, wigs and hairpieces, ensuring that the looks were consistent with the design direction as required. It was heavy going and very busy at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily keep it up as my career.

That’s it for now talk soon….Heather.

The Final Word On Project ‘Peterloo’ from our graduate Kathleen Garbutt

Peterloo has wrapped now, and while it’s been amazingly fun, it’s also been hard work and I’ve learnt a lot!

On top of the usual trainee jobs like setting up stations, cleaning brushes, doing drink/snack and meal runs and running errands, we’ve needed to know what’s coming up in the weeks to come and sort arrangements for the crowd supervisor (the lovely Claire Matthews!)

There’s a lot of paperwork involved and we’ve needed to anticipate issues in advance, keep track of stock and spending, as well as organise continuity for all crowd scenes. I’ve learnt that a good relationship with costume makes for a much smoother ride, and that a car and a laptop are pretty crucial!

Hannah, my wonderful work wife, and I were lucky enough to do makeup almost every day on “Peterloo”, and experience first hand what several crew members referred to as ‘proper film making’ with Mike Leigh. Everyone was lovely – the crew feels like a second family on a film like this, and the experience has been incredible, but  what has prepared me most for working on “Aladdin’ has been learning about the paperwork…

Oh, and no matter how long the hours are and how tired you are you have to keep on top of it all as well as keep smiling! On “Peterloo” the last bit was easy 🙂

Hot off the press our latest update from graduate Holly Caddy…

brad-pitt-christine-blundell-academy-londonSince leaving cbma I have been very lucky to be working on many big films, tv shows and have also branched out into commercials and editorial work. I worked straight away after graduating I had my work experience on ‘Wonder Woman” and then my first job was working on “Allied” with Brad Pitt, and then on another film; “Fantastic Beastsand Where to Find Them” with Eddie Redmayne.

I have loved the variety of projects and periods i have worked on. I’ve done commercials and weddings and loved the people I have met and worked with, and the warm welcome I have received from everyone.

I am now working on the feature film, “Victoria and Abdul” with Judy Dench in some amazing locations from Scotland to the Isle of Wight.

CBMA gave me a wonderful start teaching me good all round skills and having a strong hair background already, proved to be very important, which has given me a massive head start in my film career. CBMA helped me to begin creating the contacts that have lead me to meet many of the people that have since employed me and enter a whole new world of hair and makeup.

I love my job, I love being in control of what I do and every day being different and exciting.

Travel is also a massive perk and seeing amazing locations!  


Dearest Petar!

Just another quick update as I often think of you and CBMA when exciting things happen!

It seems your advice on getting hair experience before joining CBMA was one of the best pieces of advice I will have ever been given!
As you know I’ve been working as a Swing in the wig department at Matilda the Musical, and have now been there for over a year – I even have a fellow CBMA graduate as my boss!!. Now the exciting this is, to top that off, I’ve gone and landed a job at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too! Woohoo!

I never thought I would be working in the west end, let alone achieved this at the age of 21, but couldn’t have done it without spending those gruelling hours at a salon, sweeping, cutting and washing hair.

Now, I’ve promised Christine that I would one day have an oscar just like her, but I’m afraid she’ll have to settle for an Olivier as I’ve truly found my place in the theatre world.

Couldn’t be happier with where this life is taking me but can only thank you for being apart of it Petar!

All my love to you and Christine,

dscfimg12I can’t believe only a year has gone by since starting my course at CB*MA- it’s been such an exciting time and I have been very lucky to get work on a huge range of projects.

It was amazing to finish the course and go straight on to Christine’s film ‘Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur’ as a daily trainee in the crowd room- an incredible learning curve to see how a crowd room is run on a big blockbuster and to meet so many hair and makeup artists who were so generous with their time, offering guidance and being able to watch the skill and speed in which they work was invaluable. It was also lovely to connect with former CB*MA students who showed me what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance, as well as building friendships that have led to further work.

Most of my jobs since has been TV based- BBC1’s ‘Walliams and Friends’ with Joanna Lumley and David Walliams, BBC1’s ‘The Incredible Adventures of Professor Brainestawm’ with Harry Hill, reshoots on BBC2’s ‘London Spy’ with Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent, Dave’s ‘Hoff the Record’ with The Hoff himself, as well as dailies on Channel 4’s ‘Catastrophe’, BBC2’s ‘A Gurt Lush Christmas’ and looking after Martin Freeman for ‘Britain’s Favourite Children’s Books’.

I have also had quite a lot of dailies on Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ which has come about through lovely Liv Barningham, another former CB*MA student who I met on ‘Arthur’ (she was one of the main crowd trainees). It’s so good to be part of the CB*MA community as they really help each other out and want others to share in their success! I’ve worked with many other former CB*MA students on almost every job I’ve been on and I can honestly say all have been supportive and tried to help me with my skills or got me further work. This again shows how great the school’s network is, as well as getting people out there and working within the industry at every level.

I’ve now just started on a film as crowd trainee for a 1940’s film directed by Robert Zemekis (‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Castaway’, ‘Back to the Future’), makeup designer Daniel Phillips and crowd supervisor Beverley Binda. I’m so excited and feel very lucky to be on this film project as I’m learning something new every day and it’s an amazing opportunity to work on such a fantastic makeup team! I feel very grateful to CB*MA for their help and support all through this past year and would recommend the school to anyone who is committed and serious about pursuing a career in the industry- it’s tough, but CB*MA is the best place to start.

dscfimg10Karen Wagner
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what I am doing. Nik Buck emailed me offering me work on Guardians of the Galaxy!
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • King Arthur (Guy Ritchie)
  • Snow White and The Huntsman
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy

dscfimg11Alice Jones
CBMA gave me a great foundation to build my skills upon, I’m always thinking back to the tips and tricks from the amazing tutors!
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Tarzan
  • In the Heart of the Sea
  • Vampire Academy

dscfimg6Scarlett McPherson
Most jobs I have done, I come across other CBMA graduates. What is so nice is that we all seem to stick together, it’s like being part of a family.
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • King Arthur (Guy Ritchie)
  • About Time
  • TV Playhouse

dscfimg9Lucy Friend
The last two years have been absolutely amazing and I was fortunate enough to meet the incredible designer Naomi Donne.
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Skyfall (James Bond)
  • Salmon Fishing In Yemen
  • Shrek (Theatre Production)

IMG_2206Annabelle McMahon
I have been very lucky and worked on some great stuff with some great people. My persistence paid off as I’m now starting as his trainee on World War Z!
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Tulip Fever
  • Cinderella
  • World War Z

dscfimg2Sylvia Atkins
Now I am getting work as a full paid daily work on some big budget films. One of which is Wrath of the Titans, because of the theatre experience I got.
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Call the Midwife
  • Skyfall (James Bond)
  • Suffragette

spring2010Georgie Whittle
CBMA is the best decision I’ve ever made, and I think reading things online Christine said about her job really prepared me.
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Les Miserable
  • Great Expectations
  • Dark Shadows

test-2Lousie Goodsen
Christine and the rest of the team!My time at CBMA was invaluable, I learnt so much!
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Road Games
  • Burke and Hare
  • Down Dog

dscfimg5Charlotte Haill
I spent a lot of February and March working as a daily trainee in the crowd room on ‘John Carter of Mars’
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • John Carter Of Mars
  • Foster
  • Cuckoo

ninaNina Pratley
I’ve been working on a pilot for a sketch show for the BBC, which is really interesting – doing lots of different looks means I’m learning a lot!
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Game of Thrones
  • Jupiter Ascending
  • Into The Woods

test-3Sarah Hamilton
The make up team were lovely and really let me get involved and look after our own supporting actors/extras so its been a great learning experience there too.
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After CB*MA, I worked on…

  • Captain America
  • Tarzan
  • Les Miserable

test-1Leanne White
Looking forward to the future and cant wait to experience everything that i going to happen.
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dscfimg4Lucy Hillier
At first I found the course overwhelming, but the tutors soon got the best out of me.”
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dscfimg1Kelly Mimms
Kelly Mimms: The three-month course has completely changed my life. I am currently working on a series of short films for channel four!
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dscfimg8Camila Fernandez
I’ve been pretty busy really. Today I’m grooming actor Stephen Graham (This Is England, Lock Stock) for a shoot with The Guardian and the premiere of his new film “Public Enemies”.
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