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All three courses have been designed specifically by me, Christine Blundell. I have tried to cover most things that I feel are essential to work as a hair and make-up artist on films. I have concentrated mainly on hair and make-up for film, as this is my own chosen career and the one I know a lot about. However, these skills can be adapted to suit television, fashion, pop promos, editorial or whatever you choose to go with your own career. That is something I cannot decide for you, but hopefully the skills and experience you gain from the course will open up all sorts of opportunities for you.

It is worth saying straight away that a career in film is not for the fainthearted. When I take on a film, I get my chosen team together (I usually have one main assistant and a couple more assistants to work for us both, and a trainee to fetch and carry). We then research and ‘prep’ the job: which period is the film set in, what happens to the actors, the overall look of the film etc. Prepping will be done whenever possible in the Academy and where it is feasible, the students will be involved. Good preparation means good results.You will eventually add your own style to your work.

I will then do a film script breakdown and budget the job. My budget can vary between £500 to £350,000 or more, so this is a crucial part of your job, which is why I will stress the point to you throughout the course that you are technicians, and that you work on film sets as technicians, and professional ones at that! Once filming begins you should expect to start very early. We have been on films where our crowd calls have started as early as 4am.You have your onset times, which vary, but let’s say on the set for 7.30 am. You sometimes get your lunch hour but you could well be working through it and you will wrap at about 8 pm.

Then you will de-rig your actor, as in take off wigs, facial hair and any prosthetics, or just clean them up from their daily make-up. You might be tired from a long day but you can’t let your actor get spots! So back home by 10pm, quick sleep, back up bright and early to get back to work for that 4 am make-up call. This could go on 6 days a week for three months! Believe me, it’s not glamorous but it’s fun! You can’t moan, as noone wants a moaning makeup person and you certainly couldn’t moan on my make-up bus! On the plus side: I have been a make-up artist for 20 years now and I love it! I have travelled the world, stayed in the most luxurious accommodation on some films, and have camped out in safari tents in the middle of Africa for others. I love it, it is great and it is humbling. I never cease to be amazed by the brilliant people you meet in this Industry.You spend half your life working, so enjoy it! “love what you do and be good at it ”

Anyway, I will be around during your course time as much as possible. I have picked all the teachers on this course for their abilities and skills that I have observed from working with them on films.They all work actively as makeup artists in the media industry.They are not first and foremost teachers, which I hope will make this course unique and respected amongst my fellow make-up and hair designers. As I have made clear, I will be involved at all levels of your training but I will also be working on films which may keep me away from the school at times. This, however, gives me the added advantage of being able, where possible, to bring each student onto a film that I am working on, to get some on-set experience. It may not always be during your course time and it might not be on the main make-up bus, but it will be a thrilling introduction to the workings of the new career path that you have chosen.

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No 14 Week Hair and Makeup Course

This film & theatrical make up course is the most intensive programme we offer. Apart from being extremely popular, it teaches our ten core modules. We have added to this exciting course and extra week of Period hair and Makeup and a week of Fashion. Christine has designed all our courses to include the core skills you will need to become an excellent hair & make up trainee.

No 16 Week Hair and Makeup Course

When we first extended our original three month syllabus it was to allow the student more time to develop their period hair and make up skills: which has always been an indispensible knowledge for any makeup artist. You will be entering the world of period films and TV dramas, learning the importance of research and historical knowledge, not to mention continuity. We have now continued to adapt this course to include extra casualty and stunt wigs as well as an intensive barbering module.

No 18 Week Hair and Makeup Course

The longest hair & make-up course at the Academy, it allows time to develop your own style and understand that the devil is in the detail; giving you time to establish your confidence and build characters yourself. Only at this Make-up Academy are award-winning experts in the theatre, film & TV industry on hand, not just to teach but advise and help throughout your time here. Remember, this care does not end when your course ends, but continues…