So, who is Chris Fitzpatrick, our Prosthetics tutor this week, an ocean of calm on our slightly stormy sea!
Look him up on IMDB and you would be none the wiser, because Chris flies low under the radar…unless you have just finished filming the Oscar-nominated  ‘Ex-Machina’ with Alex Garland like he has, or “Game of Thrones’.
Variety doesn’t come into it when you work on projects as varied as his. One day Ridley Scott or Terry Gilliam, the next working with Jake Chapman in the art world on “The Marriage of Reason and Squalor”.
He works on the creative side of commercials, and has spanned the globe in the prosthetics world, working with internationally renowned FX workshops in LA (Legacy FX and KNB) and New Zealand with the WETA team, etc. and has been in charge of design and supervision of prosthetics and creature effects for over 25 years…!
Having said that, he says he prefers to work on a smaller independent film where he can be more involved in the design process.
It’s not a surprise then that he managed to oversee 16 novices doing each other’s face casts yesterday, as he himself has cast many hundreds, as well as full-body casts, of people too numerous (or is it too discreet?) to mention.
From a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) background, he went on to model making where his first encounter in the film world launched a career you could only dream of.
He now specialises in prosthetics and creature effects, and luckily we nabbed him in time to spare two weeks teaching here.
N.B. See a life cast in action on Saturday 6th February at our School Open Day at our Camden studios.