Special Effects & Prosthetic Makeup Course, 18th May, £3120
Eligible for up to £3,000 ScreenSkills bursary

Probably the most anticipated of the block modules is our new collaboration with the incredibly talented Prosthetic makeup designer Kristyan Mallett.  

He has come in with his team to set up and create a new 3 week SFX course. This course is set up with the express desire to create meaningful skills for the participating student to begin their career in either SFX world of the film and TV industry or having these extra skills as a makeup artist. 

The key elements and the main distinction of our makeup school compared to the others is the understanding of what skills are needed when you begin your journey in your chosen field as a makeup trainee. 

Our last and fourth week of this module is Casualty. There is a real difference in skill between SFX and casualty. In this week our Tutors will teach you the lightness of touch, where “less is more”, when creating bruises, cuts, scratches etc.


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