Where do we start with Maria… ? Even the wheels of her make up case sparkle….
And she had only been here at CBMA for the day when a petition started to keep her forever…someone even suggested locking her in the cupboard under the stairs.

It must be her ‘animal magnetism’ …


Maria was a student at CBMA way back in 2008 (we’re working on the blue plaque now – in face paint obviously) and after finishing her course she started working the next day, as a trainee at the Barbican Theatre…and never stopped from there.

In her ‘spare time’ (or, as the rest of us call it ‘night time’) she began face painting on herself, her family being painters that go back generations) and the rest is history.

Her pictures of Jack Nicholson went viral and suddenly she was World famous…Sky TV wanted her, Philip Schofield and Eamonn Holmes were fighting over her, and now she’s in very great demand.

So, maybe we will lock her under the stairs…mean while check out her website:

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Best wishes,
The CB*MA Team