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People need different things at different times. At our Make-up Academy, we offer a range of hair and make-up courses to suit your personal circumstances, each underpinned by the core skills that Christine Blundell states as essential. The intensive No 14 makeup course offers a comprehensive grounding in the most important aspects of Film, TV and Theatre make-up and hair skills. It is intensive, hands on vocational training. Choosing this course, will ensure that entire core CB*MA modules are covered.

On completion you will have all the skills you need to become a first class Make-up trainee. We have highlighted this term because we believe that no amount of academy training can create a fully-fledged make-up artist. To earn that title you have to serve your time in the industry, gradually accumulating real-life experiences. Do not be fooled by the other course providers who promise you instant success.

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Work Experience

Every CBMA student is offered film experience on Christine Blundell’s latest projects. She only employs her graduates from trainees to Juniors and many makeup artists.

Some of Christine’s films include:

  • King Arthur Knights Of the Round Table.
  • Legend – starring Tom Hardy
  • Genius (upcoming) – starring Jude Law & Nicole Kidman

CBMA is the only makeup academy to offer genuine work experience on major film projects.

Your personal Ipad:

The concept of the ipad is an educational accessory to improve the experience of the student. It is to empower you and help you with your vision. With all the apps that are available they truly will inspire the student and assist jointly. You will be able to start your portfolio and show case your work. Students can apply for a Career Development loanPCDL.

Read our modules…..

basic-img-bg-moduleUnderstanding Media Makeup.

Learn about skin tones, bases, powders concealers, eye shapes, eyebrows, lip shapes, facial contouring and Beauty make up.


Covering different looks for fashion, editorial and catwalk, emphasising speed and creativity alongside precision makeup skills. Knowing how to work on ageing skin and darker tones.

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img-periodHair Cutting and Styling.

Basic cutting and sectioning of hair, blow-drying, setting hair, using rollers, and laying the groundwork for period styles and looks.

Wig Skills

Learning how to prepare hair and how to wrap and measure for a wig. We teach wig blocking and application, using hairpieces and wefts, and general wig care.

Period Hair and Makeup

A period production has to have accurate, factual period makeup and hair true to its time, and we teach the skills in this module.

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Covers theatrical makeup and the differences between that and film. Creating a character through make up wigs, bald caps and other techniques.

Facial Hair

Laying on facial hair with loose hair. Measuring actors for making facial hair. Applying beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. Knotting facial hair.

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Wig Skills

Learning how to prepare hair and how to wrap and measure for a wig. We teach wig blocking and application, using hairpieces and wefts, and general wig care.

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Understanding how a Film or TV production works.

We have allocated two weeks for many varied and important skills; an understanding of how and what.

Script Breakdown and Breaking Down

We will breakdown from scene 20 to scene 50, all the juicy bits with Holmes fighting.

– Reading and understanding the script

– List of the characters involved in the scenes

– List of the supporting artist involved in the scenes

– Find out the most dangerous scenes and if we require stunt doubles or any picture doubles

– list of locations and day/night times

Hair Extensions

Learning the skills and application of real hair extensions, sectioning, styling and care.


Learning the techniques of airbrushing which can be used for HD films, fashion and beauty and prosthetic effects and colouring.


The two week course covers sculpting and molding prosthetic pieces using silicone and gelatine and learning colouring and application techniques. Each student will complete a face cast on which to sculpt pieces, and learn how to apply them for a complete effects makeup look.

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We teach the essential skills for making wounds, colouring and applying them to the skin. Effects like burns, diseases, skin conditions are also on this module. Bruising, black eyes, scars, ageing and the associated products used are covered.

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boot-camp-modules-img-2WEEK FOURTEEN  BOOT CAMP

Boot Camp

The purpose of these last two weeks of your time at CB*MA is to bring together all of the processes, techniques and skills of the entire course, to help you the student to leave the Academy as a rounded, confident and capable trainee make up artist. The student must be ready to accept any brief, time constraint or variation given to them and still produce work of a high standard. You will be treated in effect as our crew and pull together as a team. You will be expected to plan and prioritise to get their looks ‘Camera ready’ on time.

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Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what I am doing.Nik Buck emailed me offering me work on Guardians of the Galaxy! I am so lucky!

So I have been working there over the last three weeks doing crowd days as a daily trainee, in the special fx makeup departement. Its such a fantastic opportunity – hard work but so great. I have had my own two characters to make up. The first week was with Frankie, which worked really well and then on my own (as frankie had to work in the workshop). I have met so many people including quite a few CBMA teachers! CMBA has a great reputation!

I am learning and have enjoyed being part of the team.

The daily work is so perfect for me.

Karen Wagner
Karen Wagner
I graduated from CB*MA in December 2011 around 9 months ago now. The first few months were quite slow, however I was very fortunate in January when Chrissie got me out on one of the short films she did for sky (Walking the Dogs) and its been very valuable to have that on my CV.

Throughout the next few months I did a few unpaid and paid jobs and in March CB*MA were looking for graduates interested in work experience in crowd on Rush (Ron Howard’s new film). I went along not knowing what to expect and found 3 of my tutors were working on it! Kirstin Chalmers who taught me for casualty remembered me. Spob the crowd supervisor invited me to come back the next day, where Kirstin had arranged for me to go and meet Mark Coulier on the main bus! This probably seems like a pointless story, but I kept in contact with Mark from then on. Every month of so I’d email him and ask if he had any work experience! My persistence paid off as I’m now starting as his trainee on World War Z!!

I have been very lucky and worked on some great stuff with some great people, but it’s been very hard work. I’m not the best at makeup and I hadn’t a clue about hair before I trained, but by using my initiative, having a laugh with the team and a lot of winging it I now have full time paid work up until March next year. Personality and a fighting spirit will get you far in this business; I can perfect my Smokey eye over time. For now I’ll stick to making a good cup of tea.

Annabelle McMahon
Annabelle McMahon
Since finishing the three-month course at CMBA December 2011 life has been extremely exciting. I had previously worked in costume for the BBC so already having on set experiences was a bonus. I worked for free for a few months saying yes to everything and anything that was thrown at me CBMA were brilliant, constantly sending us work experience offers. I think this period was invaluable as I really gained confidence and used my initiative in difficult situations. I was lucky enough to gain experience on ‘Vic and Bob’, a Sprout production called ‘City Hall’ and I was lucky to be selected by Christine Blundell to be a trainee on the Richard Curtis film ‘About Time’ over the summer which was an amazing experience. Since then I have designed a short zombie film called ‘Dregs’, worked on ‘Hot Chip’, ‘Birdie’, ‘Caan’ and ‘Noisettes’ videos. I have recently been working on the ‘The Christmas Crackers’ for Sprout productions, ‘Food Glorious Food’ and the Matalan Christmas commercial. What I love is that all the jobs I have done have been so varied and I have got to work with so many talented people that I am learning from every day. Going to CBMA was the best decision I ever made as I am now finally doing the job I always dreamed of doing! Most jobs I have done you come across other CBMA graduates and what is no nice is that we all seem to stick together it’s like being part of a family. Petar and Chrissie have also been a constant support so thank you!! x
Scarlett McPherson
Scarlett McPherson
Hi Petar,

Christine and the rest of the team!My time at CBMA was invaluable, I learnt so much in such a small space of time and did things I thought I could never do but I did! We covered all the bases and it was especially great being able to focus on hair techniques as without covering hair I think I would find things very tricky, as so far my jobs have involved some aspect of hair! There wasn’t really one thing that I didn’t enjoy, I loved it all, and especially casualty and prosthetics it was brilliant being able to get messy! Christine and all the tutors were fantastic and so inspirational, I feel like we were learning from the best! (I also loved hearing their stories and learning all their little tips and tricks).Whilst on the course we managed to get a couple of little jobs, some through the school and some from other contacts, but we got to go on set of Christine’s film ‘Burke and Hare’ which was a great experience. Even starting at 4.30am! We were in the crowd room, primarily dirtying down the extras. I have had experience on set before, but not on a larger budget film so I found that a great learning opportunity.Our winter 2010 group were a brilliant bunch of girls; we all got on so well and had a great laugh. I think we really supported one and other, even now after we have left, which I think is so important to have a great support system. Since finishing the course, I have been putting the word out there and it’s starting to pay off. Yesterday I assisted on Wiley’s new music video ‘Electric Boogoloo’ which was so much fun, making up the dancers and the crowd, and working with some really good people – it’s going to look really vibrant and wicked. And coming up in the next few weeks I have got a couple of theatre productions, which thankfully some of the girls from our course are going to help me out on!CBMA was only the beginning, now it’s time to get out there and learn so much more.Thanks CBMA for everything!Louise Goodsen xx

Lousie Goodsen
Lousie Goodsen

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