Everyone loves a monster or a gargoyle and we have seen our fair share of these after eleven years at the makeup school. Yet, prosthetics is not about just that. It is not just about creating something from silicone or gelatine and to make it a gruesome as possible with lots of blood; particularly if you are an aspiring hair makeup artist.

We run a two week module of prosthetics makeup. In these two weeks we need the student of hair and makeup to get to grips with a brand me makeup style; using new materials and a new approach. The devil is in the detail and having when creating something from fantasy it can have a lot of detail.

These two weeks are also a good lesson in designing makeup at a later date of course but it is a good learning curve. There is always a time frame that all hair and makeup artists need to adhere to. Do not make the design to complicated to the time scale you have. It does not look good if you do not finish on time even at the makeup academy.

What we teach at the Christine Blundell Makeup Academy is an understanding that as a makeup artist you will not be undertaking to make large pieces, but smaller scars and bullet holes as an example. Your face is life cast to begin with. It is very important to know what an actor feels when this is happening.

Once this is complete, you have a choice of what ever you wish but we encourage smaller pieces, such as eye bags or a nose or some deadly skin deceases. They will be show some makeup tricks and tips and the importance of colouring in. it is paramount to understand that the prosthetic is only as convincing as the colouring in by the makeup artist.

The best way to get a good understanding of this rather than reading it from this blog is to come to our amazing Weekend Taster Day. If you are in London on the 21st of July join us. Even if you are not in London you can still book this day. If you do not believe us read our google reviews! Click here to book your place. It is a perfect to get involved at the hair and makeup school. You will be shown how to create a slit throat or big bruises and back eyes. We are a professional makeup academy in London and accordingly you will be taught so by our professional makeup artist as if you were a full time makeup student. To find our more call us on 0207 485 4000.