Taster Day Course
Saturday 17th November
09:30 – 17:00

“A Prefect Way To See If We Are The Right Makeup School For You And If You Are The Right Candidate For Us!”

If You are ready to join us, please pay by PayPal – Cost: £95


Who will be teaching me

Your Tutor will be Lisa Halstead, whose latest projects include “Holby City” & Channel 4’s “The Windsors” and who usually teaches the Understanding media makeup module on our current 4 Month Hair & Makeup course.

Also present will be Simone Philcox, one of our recent graduates, who has worked as a Makeup trainee with Jane Walker (Game of Thrones Makeup Designer) on “Slaughterhouse rulez” and also on one of Christine Blundell’s recent films , Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin”

What Will Be Taught?

On This Occasion Our Fabulous Tutor Is Going To Be Creating A Person living On The Street. The Importance of Breaking Down A Character Is Forgotten Many Times. We Will Then Add Layers: Maybe Stubble, Get The Character To Look like He/ She Has Lived Rough.

“We Will Break down the face, tired eyes, sallow skin, Dirty down hands and neck Nicotine stained fingers, possibly broken nails, bruised arms and track marks Scratches and cuts on the hand. Rotten teeth and cold sores.”

“I Want The Participants To Get Involved In The Design And To Add Extra Elements. Maybe Some Bruising, But Where? How Did They Get It? What About Sores? “

This Is Going To Be A Great Day!

80% of Attendees Join Our Four Month Course 

Our last Day Taster course was a great success!  Here are a couple of posts from our Taster day students:

Read Testimonials of Our Taster Day

“Yesterday I went to a taster day @cbma_academy it was sooooo interesting and I took SO much away from it!”
“For a first attempt I was super pleased and it’s got me so excited for the future. Ready to make everyone look all battered and bruisified just in time for Halloween!”
“So good to do it alongside one of my closest friends!”
“Thank you for such a wonderful day!  – Sarah”

“Hi! Had a great day today at the taster! I was wondering if you had any spaces left for the January course? – Amy”

If You are ready to join us, please pay by PayPal – Cost: £95

Included in the cost will be all the material that you need for the day.

Attending our popular Day Taster course is the best way of getting a feel of our Academy, experience the challenges you are likely to face in the future and practise the skills you will be taught at one of our Hair & Make up training courses.

Run as an intensive one day course, our CB*MA Day Taster course offers a blend of Make up and Casualty training, designed to give you a flavour of what’s to come, should you decide to do our 4 Month Hair & Make up course.

Your Tutors will be former CB*MA Graduates who have been actively working in the UK Film, TV & Theatre industry and who will also be able to advise you about the day to day Make up trainee role routine and let you know what you can expect from your future career.

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