Standing on the platform of the Piccadilly Line this morning coming in extra early for the students to prep for their Boot Camp next week; I noticed a poignant advert.
I did not have time to fully read what it was telling me about what was missing from my life or indeed what I needed to buy ….but I did read “4-7-8 and breathe.”
I was intrigued and as soon as I got to my desk, looked it up.

Poignant, as the makeup students have been running, rushing and panicking, prepping, throwing curlers and notes all over the place !!!

The essence of Boot Camp is to test the students on understanding all the elements that they have been taught and to bring it to a cohesive single look.


Time is the real key and good referencing. 
It is a cliché but the students are not in competition with other students but themselves. They have reached a certain level; what we are looking for is at the end of Boot Camp, that they have raised that level. They have understood their time at the makeup academy. We are all too hard on ourselves and no more so than our students at present. What they do not see, that we do clearly do, is that 14 weeks ago they had never touched a wig or even thought about making a prosthetic nose.

And yet here they are creating some stunning period looks; rushing off and making moulds and noses ….all during lunch time and still have time to learn Theatre…! It is truly inspiring….

And breathing? Are you ready?

Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind the the front teeth.

Breathe in through your nose on the count of 4

Hold the breath for a count of 7

Release your breath from your mouth with a whooshing sound for the count of 8.


If you wish to read more about Boot Camp Click Here

Best wishes,
The CB*MA Team