Boot camp

Boot Camp
Get ready to be put through your paces! Boot Camp assesses what you have learned, finds out your strengths and weaknesses and gives a bit more focus to any areas that you feel (or we feel) may be needed. You will bring together all of your newly learned technical knowledge and show you how to be a fully-functioning member of a professional make-up team.
By now you will have a good idea of how to achieve any particular look. Each of you will have a specific project assigned to you: a specific look that you will need to prepare for and, ultimately, create on a model

Module Skills

  • Understanding timing
  • Research is key
  • To focus on your own weakness
  • To push yourself to your utmost capability
  • Understanding teamwork


Having now left Christine Blundell Makeup Academy and having started my new career, which is going brilliantly at the moment! I can safely say that it was the Boot Camp that really put it all together. Understanding the timing, knowing what you were about to do and having a good reference source there ….really helped. The academy, creates sense that you are working for the tutor who has come in and let me tell you the first day is scary !!! Yet when you get into the groove and begin to create your looks …there is nothing better.

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Mini Boot Camp

We would like you to create a mood board and use the brief below. We are happy for you to expand the brief. A backstory would be good to create. Who are the characters that you have created? I feel this will enhance the look you are trying to do.

Remember one thing there was never just one style in a decade!
Research is paramount, detail is important.

Best of luck!

AM: 40’s –pick a style in this decade. Who is she? A working woman or other? Think war; after war what happened? It is not just red lipstick!

PM: domestic violence, good bruising ….say no more.

AM: 60’s Hair and Makeup –Why, and when did the styles change? Which period in the decade will you choose early or late?

PM: Car crash victim

AM: An Edwardian lady. Queen Victoria is dead long live the Edwardian period! What social constraints were there compared to the Victorian era.

PM: Sick with the plague

AM: Mid 70’s

PM: Walking wounded – bomb blast victim. London 70s IRA..

AM: You have to pitch a dramatic look to Vogue USA, for Winter 2012 look. What will it be?

PM: Discussion and going over what worked and what did not.

If you have not learnt to “dirty down” a character, will do so early in the week.
Most importantly have fun!!!

Note: the above syllabus is illustrative of a typical module. It may be subject to change at any time.

Boot Camp Photos

Here’s just a small selection of photos , if you’d like to see more, take a look at our boot camp photo page.

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