What a great opportunity to become a trainee on “Wonder Woman”.  It was as dream come true for some of our graduates; Monique, Laura, Federica, Gillian, Claudia and many more. Not only were they learning and working on set and on such a big production they even went to Italy for a few weeks! By looking at some of the photos it is hard to believe that they were there working. Having such a large crowd room of this film with over sixty makeup artists, the trainees had to be on their toes. Each makeup trainee had a row of at least ten makeup artists to look after. The duties ranged basic fetching supplies, to helping with continuity and wigs and make a nice cup of tea even ! One of the delicate jobs for the makeup trainee is to not appear too eager or too excited  about working on such a big film. Sometimes a trainee is running around like a headless chicken rushed off their feet and then nothing! One then is desperate to do anything just so they do not look like they are being idle. Believe me if you have not had to do this …it is not easy. Imagine doing this with eyes looking at you.

There was plenty of work in area of makeup. As the graduates helped with the making up of the Amazonian women. This is one of the many wonderful aspects of the Christine Blundell Makeup Academy. Where else can you finish a hair and makeup course and then jump on to a multi million pound feature film?

The film “Wonder Woman” will be released in the UK on the first of June 2017. Read Christine’s recent interview about her role as Wonder Woman’s Makeup Designer.

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