Both these epic films were designed for hair and make up by Christine Blundell! And both released their sizzling trailers this week.
Christine, who with her main team, five of who were CBMA graduates, took another five CBMA Graduates,with her to Italy, where they were shooting scenes on location for the new Wonder Woman film.

They were responsible for making up armies of Amazonian fighters, some on horseback, who not only had to be protected by the sun, but have fake tan applied, hair pieces added, very glamorous make up, tattoos covered and sand removed on a daily basis. The team faced very long hours of climbing up and down inaccessible beaches in the heat, but the trailer shows the hard work was not in vain…the film looks Awesome!!

Christine also took out a whole team of CBMA graduates onto the filming of Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur; Legend of the Sword”.

This is what our Academy is for – teaching the most relevant, essential skills to enable our graduates to be sought after in the industry. It is an achievement that should make Christine as proud as she should also be of these films….

Roll on 2017 when we pcan go and see them!!

Needless to say you do not need to wait that long to view them. Simply go to the home page…..