Apart from being one of the most unassuming of Makeup Designers, she is also incredibly versatile and witty!! It is none other than our very own Jane Walker.

We could begin to mention that this talented makeup designer has four Emmys nominations and two wins to her name.

Her career spans from “Allo Allo, through to cult shows such as The Fast Show, It Crowd…To films as diverse as Hot FuzzLes Miserable and to Game Of Thrones…” you will agree an amazing array of variety.

We like to call her “Aunty Jane” as she must be one of the nicest makeup designers to come to teach at the Makeup Academy.

It is this variety that makes Jane stand out to the crowd.

Even though the filming of “Game Of Thrones” takes up much of Jane’s year she still finds time to work on other varied projects. This is particularly so whenever she gets a call from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to collaborate with. Their partnership goes abck a long way and one never forgets ones friends…oh and if there are zombies involved, that will always help.

We believe that it is the varied projects that Jane’s takes on that has made her what is today an incredible Makeup designer. If you looked at what she has done from “Allo Allo” to her latest film; it is the comedy that seems to stand out starkly and wonderfully so.

The students, some of who have not heard of her are soon mesmerized by her teaching techniques of makeup or casualty or what ever makeup module we ask her to teach!

We at the makeup school are very privileged to have her here.

Our students will be interviewing her next and so, if there are any questions that you wish to put to Jane…simply write them down below.