Your reputation is very important when you make your living as a make up artist. You will become a self employed artist; all rests on you and what you do. Therefore, be wise and take your time in all that you do.

At CBM Academy we understand this from day one. You are coming here to become a make up artist and so we expect you to think and act like one from day one.

At all levels and times it will be reiterated how are you going to do it?

Creating your photos for your portfolio.

The reason we give you a free personal I pad is that from day one you will begin to take pictures of your work and have started creating your own portfolio. Not only that but you will begin to understand what pictures work and which ones do not.

Cultivate industry connections.

You will be taught and meet some of the most influential people in the industry, including the close relationship with Oscar and BAFTA winning Designer Christine Blundell.

Stand out from the crowd:

Don’t be shy; Showcase:

The industry you are hoping to join desires individualism. You must be brave to stand on your own two feet and proudly proclaim that you are different….

How will you stand out in the crowd?

By be yourself..not someone else.

By alternating tutors weekly, we ensure an excellent variety of knowledge…all this adds up to creating your own style.

Don’t wait for jobs to come to you

Get out there!

  • Yes we have our unique “Aftercare”.
  • We are here to help you all the way.
  • We send you a production list each month.
  • You must remember that you are the driving force.

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