Dear Petar,
So, here I am in Marrakesh in a position of makeup trainee/assistant for a movie by Sir Larry Charles (Borat, Dictator) ARMY OF ONE, With Nicholas Cage. I am working with people who have 20-33 years, industry experience. They are very helpful. The first few days was hard as they found out that I only speak English and here everyone speaks 4 languages!!

Walter’s (key makeup artist) first question was, “do u speak Italian? Because I like to speak Italian” ? but now all is good.

I talk a lot about school and what we were all taught. They all know Jana Carboni… they were happy we had her to teach us Facial Hair at academy. I am helping to make a wig for the double of Nicholas Cage, adding extra hair. I met Sir Larry yesterday, whilst peeling an orange, sitting by pool watching and sunset above palace, where we live!!
Today the makeup artists were telling me who they work with… Basically all known actors.. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins etc, Elizabeth worked on Harry Potter, her father is a famous hair stylist, and Zineb just came from ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ work, Walter made 159 movies, this is his last.

These people are amazing at what they do. Tomorrow, Walter will prepare some prosthetic’s, so I will be watching. It should be really interesting. Sorry for the exhausting email, wish me luck because tomorrow is pre shoot day and there is only one makeup artist on set.. I actually have a title! It is Crowd Makeup Artist ? Have a good night and thanks for teaching us so much at your academy.
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Best wishes,
The CB*MA Team