The question of the day was; “Do I continue working on a balmy sunny autumnal afternoon or go to the opera?”

“Do I day dream about being an irresistible philanderer or simply day dream ?”
Don Giovani won! 

Our Makeup Academy in London, was honoured and very privileged to be able to not just to attain tickets to the ENO’s latest production of “Don Giovani” but to also take our graduates back stage to see all the tense action taking place.

The wig mistress Vanessa Davies, made it all happen. We got to know Vanessa via Giuseppe, at the National Theatre, who is friends with Bridget at the Royal Opera house, who is… let me start at the beginning…

At the Makeup school, we love theatre, in all its guises. From a young age I found the pantomime magical, the circus too, in all its rawness. I believe it is the live show, irrespective of what the performance may be; the vibrancy.

When we began our makeup academy, theatre was taught, for a week or so. The makeup artists from Film and TV, possibly looked upon theatre as a bygone art?

Christine actually won her award depicting in film the theatrical world of Gilbert and Sullivan. Theatre was very close to both of us.

It was when we began to source the tutors from the theatre world that the pandora box opened. (We only use active hair and makeup artists working in the industry.)

The various genres in theatre is vast…. Opera, Ballet, musicals, straight…I could go on. We began talking to the main theatres in London to understand what kind of training was needed. There was an element of concern that makeup academy’s were not teaching the skills that graduates needed to fully understand.

Giuseppe, from the National Theatre has been a great inspiration in creating our new look two week Theatre module. In turn we have been blessed in gettingCaroline from the ROH and Bridget from Ballet at the ROH. Many other makeup artists have added to the mix and came up with what they feel is important.

Research, came up again and again, in understanding the looks, the periods and spacial aspects of theatre.

I believe, because we are one of the most reputable makeup schools in London and having Christine at the helm of the makeup Academy, allows us to get such an impressive team.

We are now very proud that offer a fantastic two weeks of pure unadulterated theatre skills to get the student to fully understand all the processes of Theatre.

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