Starting from Monday this week, our students at the makeup academy London have begun recording their thoughts and creations as their personal short Daily video diaries. It is an idea that we have had for some time and finally we have begun during our Facial hair module.

Each student is given the iPad to talk and video whatever they choose. It is almost like a personal Makeup tutorial in the centre of London. It can be on any makeup look that they are creating or simply to chat about how they are getting on!

What I find interesting is what the students decide to talk about and video and share. These makeup videos will not be edited or changed in anyway, so that any prospective students can get the real insight into what it is like to study at CB*MA.

Here at Christine Blundell Makeup school we believe that openness and honesty are paramount, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable.

Because we have small classes, the intimacy can hopefully come through on the filming; we shall see.

One student & one story each day will be delivered for you to see our students in action, listen to them talk freely about their time at the Academy and the challenges and highlights they are experiencing with us every day.

We will be adding future stories to this same Blog address, so you can view more Video Diaries covering forthcoming modules, like Casualty, Theatre Makeup & Hair and Boot camp preparation during July and August and also Basic makeup, Period make up, Prosthetics, Basic hair cutting, Barbering & Wig Styling from September.

We only run one hair and makeup course at one time, with the maximum class size of 14 students, so each one of our students gets full attention from the Tutor and Christine. This is important to know. Unlike other establishments where there are many course of various lengths; we have perfected one. It is the Four Month Hair and makeup Course or 16 week hair and makeup course; which ever you prefer. It is not just a case of teaching the students these great skills, but also about offering makeup advice and assistance throughout the course and continuing with this support after graduation.

Click on the video below to see Philippa’s Video diary showing her work during our Facial hair week. This could be you next time!