After spending a good six months a year in Belfast’s Titanic Studios, where Jane Walker, the Multi-award-winning make up designer on “Game of Thrones”, our esteemed tutor, is with us for two wonderful weeks for our Casualty module.

Jane is with us this week to teach the 5 month course’s Casualty module, 2 weeks of cuts, burns, bruises (follow us on Instagram to share that with us!). Click Here

Jane was employed for the fourth season of Game of Thrones to enhance the makeup and in particular the scars of certain characters. As with any serious makeup designer or makeup artist there must be in depth research to fully achieve what is wanted. Jane studied straight form the source and looked at burns patients and other real casualties. This is something that we aspire to at the make up academy. We instil in the student the importance of proper research and cross checking the source. One of our students on researching the 1902’s brought in photos of Leonardo di Caprio in “Titanic.” The photos did nto last long once Jane saw them. Never take a modern film as a reference of a period; it is very poor.

For the new scars on the actors on Gane of Thrones; Jane used a plastic liquid latex to create the look. “ by putting on some heat it shrinks slightly and causes a lovely puckering and dipping.”
Working on such a series as this one really is a great gift for an makeup artist as there is the element of other worldliness and gothic and lots of blood and guts!
Miles, who has recently completed our Three Month Course, is here to be model and he receives the full face of cuts and bruises on this morning’s demo. He is a very lucky model. In actual fact all our students at the makeup school ar every lucky to have such great talent come to teach them. Long may it continue.

If you’d like a career like Jane’s (and who wouldn’t), we are now taking numbers for our Open Day on Saturday June 18th, and we are booking for the Four Month Course starting on August 30th 2016.

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