With three full time trainees and many others coming in to assist, it looks like the new Aladdin film by Guy Ritchie is going to be very busy! We have not even mentioned the CBMA juniors and makeup artists that are rolling up their sleeve and getting ready for some great work! All these people are headed up by Christine Blundell, who is Hair and Makeup designer.

Will Smith has made his first post of him and the crew! As mentioned we have many of our girls working and assisting on Aladdin. We are lucky enough to have three fulltime makeup trainees, juniors and makeup artists working on Guy Ritchie’s latest project. Very soon we too should have a post about our girls’ experiences on set!

We were very lucky to have most of the actors coming into the makeup academy for makeup tests. Marwan Kenzari came in hot off his success starring in “Murder on the orient express.”

Will the film ne a musical? That is a question that we cannot answer yet. We all know the film and the story of Aladdin but what makes this a very anticipated film is that Guy is directing and immediately we know that it is not going to be a traditional take on the story line.

Some people have questioned why is Guy Ritchie is directing a famous Disney classic? Yet if you think about the kind of films that Guy has directed, and he is perfect. He has scallywags and hustlers that make good. Many of his films are filled the riff raff of street life; where life is hard and you have to live on your wits and brawn. This is exactly what Aladdin is all about!

Let us hope that our makeup trainees and makeup artists not only enjoy the whole project but do the makeup academy proud!