Hi Petar, I have got an update!

It seems your advice on getting hair experience before joining CBMA was one of the best pieces of advice I will have ever been given! As you know I’ve been working as a Swing in the wig department at Matilda the Musical, and have now been there for over a year – I even have a fellow CBMA graduate as my boss!!. Now the exciting this is, to top that off, I’ve gone and landed a job at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too! Woohoo! I never thought I would be working in the west end, let alone achieved this at the age of 21, but couldn’t have done it without spending those grueling hours at a salon, sweeping, cutting and washing hair.

Just another quick update as I often think of you and CBMA when exciting things happen! Since the last email I have built a very good reputation for myself as a swing and have now joined the teams of two more shows.  

Thanks to another wiggie at Charlie and the chocolate factory I was contacted by the head of department at Book of Mormon. I have been there for a little while now but still find myself cackling as I put on wigs for Jesus, Hitler and Johnny Cochran. It’s been a great learning curve as I had never previously handled Afro hair- the women’s cast have been giving me some great tips!

As well as Book of Mormon I was referred on by another wiggie and was able to get a full time swing role for around 6 weeks in January at Dreamgirls!! Only the biggest musical currently on the west end! Again, purely word of mouth, which I will always boast about! Super proud that my work ethic is enough to get me noticed.

One more bit of exciting news is I will now be contracted at Matilda as a part time employee instead of just a swing! Have been busy at Matilda otherwise as we are having cast change, tech runs and rehearsals recently, but luckily have Kirsty Lamb as my Deputy to keep me pushing through it all! She can’t believe it’s been around 7 years since she was at CBMA and myself 3 years!

Let’s see what the rest of the year will hold!! Now, I’ve promised Christine that I would one day have an Oscar just like her, but I’m afraid she’ll have to settle for an Olivier as I’ve truly found my place in the theatre world.

Couldn’t be happier with where this life is taking me but can only thank you for being apart of it Petar!