It was last March (remember the spring…( before Brexit, before Bake Off and before Brangelina…) when Rose emailed me a spread sheet.

Rose Cusson is Film Production Coordinator at Goldsmiths University in London on their re-launched MA Film Course and had asked if we could provide make up designers/artists for their student’s film productions throughout the year.

My initial task was to establish who was available for which film project, liaising with Rose and knowing little more than the film’s title (and often those were Working Titles and were later changed), and a brief synopsis of the film.

The opportunity to work with these MA students was soon snapped up by our graduates (and sometimes our current students desperate to get some on-set experience) and they jumped at the chance to put into practice their newly acquired skills.

It was a learning curve for me too, organising the rotas… I don’t know how Rose does that every day!

After all the hard work on all sides, last nights premieres showed that it was worth it.

We were invited up West to the Curzon Soho for a private Screening of all 12 of the short films, and they were A-Mazing.  CBMA were so proud to see in the credits the names of so many of our graduates that had worked on the films, and to mingle afterwards meeting staff, crew, girl friends, et al.

I was impressed by the range of subjects and genres covered in the films, from the reality of drug-smuggling babies (the graduates did a very convincing job on that doll) to 70’s Game Shows. An evening well spent.

We are very pleased to have a working relationship with another fine University and we are looking forward to this year’s spread sheet!