Christine recently gave an interview for Reel Feedback, with host Kevin Dawson, who talks to people from the music, TV and movie industries about their art and working behind the scenes and / or on screen and on record. Kevin chats to them about their inspirations, their work and anything else that may come up in between. The focus of the discussion was to get to understand not just how she began her hair and makeup career but what made her open a Makeup school too! She begins by talking about the night of the Oscar awards and how surreal it was walking past Clint Eastwood who congratulated her and someone else shouting her name to turn around and see that it was none other “Brad Pit”

Christine talks too about balancing between the career and the makeup school. One of the amazing things at the makeup academy is that where else will you get “Tom Hardy” or “Robert Downey Junior” popping in to the school. This is because Christine preps her films here. Anyway enough of this go in and listen… here