There is always a wonderful air of anticipation when the students know that the Principle of this wonderful makeup school Christine Blundell is due in to teach. Even though she is a successful makeup designer, she is also very proud of her makeup academy and the incredible achievements that her graduates have to date achieved.

Christine is an incredibly talented all rounder but if push comes to shove, she would have to put her hand up and say period hair is her thing.

Luckily, that is exactly what we had asked her to do.

One cannot emphasise what it means to be taught by some with over 25yrs experience. It is not just the skill level but what I find the most warming part is her humbleness in the way she approaches teaching. She has the confidence to occasionally put her hand up to say what she lacks or is not very good at. Yet what she knows you can fill a big fat book with!

Teaching is all about inspiring the individual, getting them to a place of confidence where if they are not successful the first they will get nail the look later. It is the building up of confidence through research and preparation and of course having an excellent tutor.

I am always staggered that the majority of our students have never worked with wigs and yet after our intensive four month course they are more than capable of creating looks. What is more key for them is that they can hold their own as makeup trainees. They will know all about the wig, how it moves, its construction, blocking a wig and setting it too. And to style the wig.

This is why we create the best makeup trainees in the country. If you wish to know more about the academy, please click here for more information.