After beginning the first Paddington film in the “darkest Jungle of Peru,” (Costa Rica), which was incredible by the way!! I sadly had to go one to the film “Kingsman 1” and so I could not continue. It was such a shame, so when the second opportunity came my way to design Paddington 2, I simple could not and would not refuse! The response to the film was amazing and well done to Graham Johnston for doing such a great job.
When the second opportunity did come by i could not refuse and could commit, so was very happy. I had my team of makeup artists that usually work with me and managed to get on board three full time trainees from the previous hair and makeup course.It was a great opportunity for them to experience a fairly big film with plenty of crowd days.

Even though the Paddington 2 was contemporary there was plenty for the makeup trainees to do. Apart from the three fulltime trainees we managed to have at another five on weekly basis and the group that had just completed the four month hair and makeup course all had valuable work experience.

It was a great film to work on and having such a charming cast, almost as charming as the bear himself, helped the process…! I also had a lot of fun designing our master of disguise baddy (Hugh Grant) with Lindy hemming the costume designer who also won an Oscar for Topsy Turvy with me.
As the film is a fun family picture the disguises had a theatrical feel about them and Hugh Grant was very gracious in trying out all the design and ideas we came up with.
One of my other favourite character was “Knuckles McGinty” the hardened jailbird who eventually falls under the spell of Paddington and assists him in his escape.