Congratulations to you all…..

As well as Stephanie, our very own Agnes Legere was nominated for period hair styling at the Guild Awards for “The Theory of everything,” and never to be out done the very talented Nina Pratley gaining an Primetime Emmy award for contributions to “Game of Thrones.”

What all three of these Graduates have in common is a great work ethos….

The reason why they have succeeded are of course their artistic flair and passion for the job they have. Yet equally important and it is something that I see is there hard work and dedication.

Whichever job came or comes in, they would take it. They would never turn there their nose up at any job…

It is something I tell all graduates…..when a chance comes your way grab it with both hands; if you need to worry, worry later. There is no better way to learn than on the job. You must push yourselves outside of your comfort zone.

Only this way will you become a great makeup artist ……

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