What an amazing two weeks we have just had and judging by the what the students have created the intensity of learning and understanding prosthetics makeup, has paid off. The prosthetics makeup module is one of the most anticipated of modules. These weeks are very different atmospherically to the other weeks here. A different mindset is needed. Calm and a zen like approach is needed.

All the makeup and hair modules we do, require students to focus and work on detail. These weeks require even more so. Just when students think they have finished moulding their pieces, Dan will come along and tell them that they need to work at it a little longer. The “Devil is in the detail.”

Another key element that makes a prosthetics makeup artist shine is an understanding of materials as there are many elements to know. Unless you know what the products do it is difficult create.

Having said all of this creating a special effects makeup need not be very expensive. Yes, some of the products are very expensive but we do encourage our tutors to show the students all the various alternatives that can be sourced very cheaply. As an example to make your own blood all you do is mix “corn syrup and food coloring.” There are many tips and help for the student. Remember the first jobs you will receive will be student films and very low budget jobs. You will not have a big budget but you will be expected to create a fantastic look; these are the challenging situations you will encounter.

We try as much as we can to bring the industry into the academy.

One of the challenging processes is when the students do a life cast on each other. This can be a nerve wracking experience to a nervous student. It is also very important for them to understand what it feels like have blue gunk poured over your face!