A quick Taster of Christine’s online Q&A session

Oscar & BAFTA winning Makeup Designer Answering All Your Questions

Here is a snippet of what’s coming soon to our Blog, Facebook and Instagram pages – Christine Blundell answering all your Film Makeup Artist related questions. A great opportunity to pick the brains of the Award-winning Film Hair & Makeup Designer!

We have received many great questions from you so far, please do keep them coming!

One question that was asked quite a few times came from hairdressers who wanted to find out how easy or difficult it would be for them to re-train and become Film & TV Hair & Makeup Artists and if they should join our Four-month hair and makeup course to do that? Watch the video to hear Christine’s answer to this question and if you have any additional questions please do send them to us and we will answer them in Christine’s next online Q&A session.

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