What a wonderful surprise for our Weekend Day Taster Students, when Mena, who plays Aladdin in the new Guy Ritchie film with the same name, popped in with Christine. It was a great day, even without our special surprise guest arriving.

A great aspect of the Makeup school is that when Christine Blundell begins a film, she preps most of it at the Academy. This not only allows the students to get a glimpse of certain actors but more importantly, where possible, Christine shares what she is planning and how she is prepping for the Film.

We had a full house on our Taster Day course. The students this time and our Tutor who was Makeup Designer Stephanie Smith. Stephanie is not only a regular tutor running modules from Casualty to Script Breakdown and “breaking down a character, ” but also trained at the famous Hair & Makeup course herself.

Stephanie graduated almost 9 years ago and has since gone on to win a Bifta award, the Irish version of BAFTA. One of our recent graduates, Simone Philcox, who has worked as a Makeup trainee with Jane Walker (Game of Thrones Makeup Designer) and also on Christine Blundell’s latest film , Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin” was also on hand , assisting the Tutor.

The purpose of the Day Taster Course, is for students to get an understanding of what it would feel like to attend here. Apart from learning how to create a “Smokey eye” look in the morning and then learning some Casualty techniques in the afternoon; it is to see if the Makeup School is for them and likewise if the potential student is for the Acadmey. Our next Day Taster course is on Saturday 23rd June. Click here if you would like to join us for a day of Makeup fun! (link to go to Day Taster course page)