Bootcamp Week

Date: 13th December

The last two weeks of the hair and makeup course is called “Boot camp”. It is an exclusive module that we do at CBMA. Up to this point the student has learnt many new skills; make up, facial hair and wigs etc. We encourage at all times and where possible for the student to apply all the skills into one look. This is paramount in getting an understanding of the complete look.

During Boot Camp our aim is exactly that. The student needs to bring together all the process and theories of the entire course to each look. Timing is of the essence. It is no good if you created a beautiful make up look in one hour as now you have one hour to do, makeup hair and a wig.

You will need to understand what brief you have received. Full research will be at your fingertips.

The make up artist or designer running boot camp will have prepared many different looks for you to complete; even a couple of surprises, so you must be prepared. You will become the tutors “crew”; fully functioning members of a make up team.


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