Barbering course Sat 30th March 2021, £865

We are very lucky to have tutors coming in to teach Barbering who are not only barbers in the outside world but also work as Barbers in the Film TV world.
Module Skills

  • Becoming comfortable with Clipper Handling.
  • Understanding Period Styling.
  • Scissor over comb.
  • General male grooming

I really was so nervous about the Barbering week at the Makeup Academy; but I need have been! By the end of the week I was cutting a clipping men’s hair, with confidence. When I look back I still find it hard to believe. The Academy and Tony just gave me confidence to believe in myself and to do it.”

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Module Syllabus: Barbering


  • Kit Layout
  • Health & Safety
  • Use of Products – Breaking Down /Creating Dirty Hair
  • One Length Haircut
  • Dress out – Fop
  • Beard shaping – Round/Angled/Pointed
  • Set/Tong/Dress
  • Moustache shaping – create a handlebar moustache
  • Set/tong/Dress
  • Square Layers
  • Tong
  • Dress out – Medieval
  • Group Discussion
  • Re-cap day’s events

HOMEWORK/RESEARCH: Long Period Men’s Hairstyles, Beards & Moustaches


  • Clipper Handling/Health & Safety
  • Shorter Beard Shaping – using Clippers
  • Choose a beard shape & create & Dress it
  • Moustache shaping- using Scissors/Clippers
  • Choose a moustache shape
  • Create & Dress it- using Tongs
  • Long Male Bob
  • Hot Stick
  • Dress out – Oscar Wilde
  • Group Discussion
  • Re-cap day’s events


HOMEWORK/RESEARCH: Medium Length Period Men’s hairstyles


  • Shave off Beard/Moustache
  • 1940’s – Short Back
  • Dress out 1940’s
  • Use of Dressing products
  • 1930’s – Short/ Back/Sides
  • Dress out 1930’s
  • 1920’s Military
  • Dress out 1920’s
  • Group Discussion
  • Re-Cap day’s events

HOMEWORK/RESEARCH: Short Period Men’s hairstyles


  • Bring Models In



  • Barbershop scenario
  • Using all skills learnt this week
  • Covering all aspects of Health & Safety
  • Full client consultation


  • Group Discussion
  • Students to talk about their work experience day & reflect on mornings Barbershop Scenario
  • Re-cap on weeks events

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