Wig Making & Repair 1 week course

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August, 10am – 4pm

Our new 1 week Wig Making & Repair course has been designed to offer more in-depth wig making & repair techniques training to either already practising Makeup artists or complete beginners. If you wish to get a taster of what it will be like to do this course, come to our Wig repair Day Taster course on Saturday 20th July

Who will be teaching me?

Your Tutor will be Rebecca Silveira, who trained and worked at Ray Marston Wig Studio making wigs for many well-known TV dramas, Theatre productions and Feature films, prior to becoming a Freelance Wig Maker. Rebecca will also be able to advise you about the day to day Wig assistant / Wig Maker role routine and let you know what you can expect if you decide to pursue this career. 

What will I learn?

The syllabus will be covering different types of wig laces, tools used, wig knotting & wig repair techniques over 5 teaching days.

  • Main lace types & different sizes of hooks & other tools
  • Different hair types
  • Different Wig knotting techniques
  • Learn how to whip
  • Making a ‘beard foundation’

 How much does 1 week Wig Making & Repair course cost?

Cost of our 1 week course is £895 – included in the cost will be all the material that you need for that week.

Sign up for the Wig Making & Repair course by filling the form below, emailing cbma@cbmacademy.com or calling 020 7485 4000.