Our Makeup Academy

New Courses at CBMA
To celebrate our successful tenth year in our industry, Christine has collaborated with our tutors to redefine the modules and our courses. We can now reveal our courses are:
No 14          No 16          No 18
We feel the changes will introduce you to a wider range of essential and relevant techniques and provide you with more in depth knowledge. It will introduce all of the elements of Hair and Makeup.

This will enhance the student’s experience and enable them to become the best makeup trainees in the Industry. What we have not changed is our commitment to our ethos of Teamwork and Family spirit.

We teach 44 students a year. There by we can focus exclusively on these people to the best of our ability…

We do not detract from these courses by offering additional courses like the other Academies. You are the sole focus. We have emphasized the important skills in the ten core modules and the importance that each module has in its own space and builds upon the next module.

Our exclusive Makeup artists and Designers that take time out from working on Film set, TV and Theatre are as ever on hand to teach and guide.

The new look No 14 ( 14 Weeks)has incorporated an extra week of Period hair and makeup; added extra fashion makeup and acknowledged the importance of “Breaking down a Character.” ( this is over looked by many makeup institutions.)

No 16 :  ( 16 Weeks) Has incorporated an extra week of Casualty and understanding stunt wigs and an intensive course in barbering.

The No 18  ( 18 Weeks) has become slightly more condensed by omitting a mid term course testing, with a stronger emphasis of understanding the process of making a film and TV show and how the theatre works. This is done with in depth script breakdown and understanding research.

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