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Leading UK Hair & Makeup Professionals Actively Working in Film & TV Industry

All our tutors currently work as professional Film, TV and theatre Hair & Makeup Designers and Artists and many of them are Oscar, BAFTA or Emmy winners or nominees.

Christine & Mike Leigh

Christine Blundell

worked alongside many of our tutors on various film and TV projects and they have been invited to teach at our Academy not just for their professional experience, but also for their personality and ability to teach in an enjoyable, yet effective way.

You will learn from Award-winning experts in all aspects of specialist areas.  

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Satinder Chumber

Prosthetics Module Tutor, BAFTA Nominee for his SFX Supervisor role on ‘Napoleon’,

Satinder Chumber Teaching at our Academy

With almost 20 years of experience working as Prosthetics artist, Satinder started with doing his prosthetics work experience in 2005 on ‘Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire’ and worked on many films like ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Star Wars’ , to name just a few. Later in his career, Satinder joined one of the most prestigious UK Prosthetics Studios, KM Effects and worked as Prosthetics Artist there.

He now works as a freelance Prosthetics artist, which culminated in his recent BAFTA nomination for his SFX Supervisor role on Ridley Scott film ‘Napoleon’ – see some examples of ‘Napoleon’ prosthetics work above and click here for Satinder’s full Imdb profile. You may also want to watch his joint interview with ‘Napoleon’ Hair & Makeup Designer, Jana Carboni, filmed at our Academy, about their work on ‘Napoleon’ on this link.

Jenny Rhodes-McLean

Period Makeup Module Tutor, Emmy Winner for her Hair and Makeup Supervisor role on ‘Bridgerton’.

Jenny Rhodes-McLean receiving her Emmy Award

Jenny graduated from our Academy and she quickly made her mark in the film industry, designing short films such as Keeping Up with the Joneses, directed by Michael Pearce and starring Maxine Peake, Geoff Bell, and Adeel Akhtar.

Jenny’s first TV credit was for the BBC period drama The Spanish Flu, a make-up artist to English actor Mark Gatiss — Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones, working under Bafta and Emmy-winning Hair and Make-Up designer Erika Okvist, with whom Jenny continued working for the next 15 years.

In 2021, Jenny supervised the Hair and makeup department for Shondaland’s period drama Bridgerton, for which she won a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Period and/or Character Hairstyling. This promoted a step up in Jenny’s career, leading her to HOD season three of Tony McNamara’s satire comedy The Great, starring Elle Fanning and Nicolas Hoult – Hulu.

Other design credits include period drama The Serpent Queen starring award-winning and Oscar-nominated Samantha Morton – to whom she has gone on to multiple projects with since. You can view Jenny’s full professional biography on this link.

Jeremy Woodhead

our Casualty Makeup Module Tutor, Oscar Nominee for his Hair and Makeup Design of the film ‘Judy’.

Jeremy Woodhead

Jeremy Woodhead & Natalie Portman in ‘V for Vendetta” 2005 film

Our Casualty makeup module Tutor, Hair and Makeup Designer Jeremy Woodhead, has 30 years of experience of working in the industry. He designed many iconic films, like ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secret of Dumbledore’, ‘Judy’, to name just a few. You can see Jeremy’s full professional biography on this link.


Daniel Philips

our Facial hair skills module Tutor, Oscar Nominee for his Hair and Makeup Design of the film ‘Victoria and Abdul’. Twice Emmy winner and multiple BAFTA Nominee. He also designed the latest James Bond film ‘ No time to die’


Daniel Philips Receiving his BAFTA For Hair & Makeup Design of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’


Daniel has 6 BAFTA Nominations under his belt for the following films: ‘Victoria and Abdul’, ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, ‘The Duchess’, ‘The Queen’, ‘French and Saunders’. He also won 2 Emmy awards and has multiple nominations for UK Royal Television Society and other awards and he is a winner of Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award. You can see Daniel’s full professional biography on this link.


Jana Carboni

our Facial hair skills and also Casualty Makeup Tutor, BAFTA Nominee for her Hair and Makeup Design of the film ‘Napoleon’.


Jana Carboni UK ‘Napoleon’ Premiere

Hair and Makeup Designer Jana Carboni trained and started her Makeup artist career in Italy and after she moved to England she worked for Makeup Designer Tina Earnshaw for a number of years. Jana currently works as a Makeup, Prosthetic and Personal Designer.

Jana recently designed Napoleon , for which she was nominated for the BAFTA award in 2023 and she also designed the film ‘House of Gucci’ , both directed by Ridley Scott and she worked as a Makeup artist and designer on many other films. You can see Jana’s full professional career on this link.



Nadia Stacey

Oscar and BAFTA Winner and a winner of multiple other Hair & Makeup Design awards

nadia stacey

Nadia Stacey at 2024 Vanity Fair party After receiving her Oscar For ‘Poor Things’


Nadia Stacey was our guest tutor during our Bootcamp exam week, where our students created looks in homage to Nadia’s design of looks in ‘Cruella’. Nadia won an Oscar and a BAFTA this year for her Hair & Makeup Design of ‘Poor things’ where 2 of our graduates, Claire and Grayson also worked as Makeup artist & Junior Makeup artist, respectively. Nadia also won another BAFTA award for her design of ‘The Favourite’. You can see Nadia’s full professional biography on this link.




Melanie Bouvet

Period Makeup Module Tutor and Freelance Wig & Hair & Makeup Artist , Former Wigs and Make-up Manager for new productions at the Royal Opera House. Author of ‘A Practical guide to wig making and wig dressing’.


Melanie joined Royal Opera House almost 24 years ago and worked as Wigs and Makeup Manager for new productions there until February 2024, when she started working as a Freelance Wig, Hair & Makeup Artist. She graduated from London College of Fashion and is an Award winner of a Technical theatre award in 2016 for great achievement in wigs and make-up. Melanie is the author of “A practical guide in wig making and wig dressing” published in September 2018. She teaches Period makeup and also ballet hair at our Academy. You can see Melanie’s full professional biography on this link.


Denise Kum

Hair & Makeup Designer and our Casualty makeup Tutor, Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Nominee


Denise worked as Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics designer on many major films and TV Series, the most recent being ‘Wicked Little Letters’, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, ‘The Wheel of Time’ , ‘Operation Mincemeat’ and ‘Mulan’, which brought her the 2021 Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award Nominations for Best Period and character makeup, Best special makeup effects and Best period and character hairstyling. You can see Denise’s full professional biography on this link.


Jane Walker

Hair & Makeup Designer and our Casualty makeup Tutor, 4 Primetime Emmy winner and 3 time Hoollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Winner


Jane Walker is a multi-award-winning Hair and Make up designer of ‘Game of Thrones’, TV Series and she teaches Casualty module at our Academy. With film credits far too long to name, by designing cult favourites like “Game of Thrones” and “The Mummy Returns” she’s up there with the best…You can see Jane’s full professional biography on this link.



Kristyan Mallett

Prosthetics Designer and Director of KM Effects Special Effect Studio, 1 time BAFTA Nominee and our Prosthetics module tutor


Kristyan started working in film and TV over 20 years ago and now has over 200 credits to his name. He was a Prosthetics Designer of ‘Scoop’, a recent Netflix film and his career highlights include ‘The Theory of Everything’, which brought him a BAFTA nomination for Best Makeup and Hair in 2015. Kristyan won BIFA award in 2021 for Best Makeup & Hair Design of ‘Electrical Life of Louis Wain’. He was a Prosthetics Designer of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ film and Prosthetics Supervisor on ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’. Kristyan is a Director of the renowned KM Effects Prosthetics Studio – you can see his full professional biography on this link.




Claire Matthews

Hair & Makeup Designer, Supervisor & Artist and a Primetime Emmy winner for Outstanding Period and Character Hairstyling shared award, ‘Bridgerton’ Netflix TV Series


Claire started working in film and TV in 1980s and worked as a Makeup artist, Supervisor and Designer. She is an Emmy winner and was also nominated in 2021 for the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards, for her work on ‘Bridgerton’ TV Series. Claire also worked on such cult films as ‘Guardians of the Gagaxy’ , ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Asteroid City’, to name just the few. Claire teaches Casualty makeup module and also taught at our Bootcamp exam week. You can see Claire’s full professional biography on this link.


Ivana Primorac

Hair & Makeup Designer, BAFTA Winner for Best Makeup & Hair ‘Darkest Hour’ film in 2018 and Winner of Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award for Best Period Hair Styling 2024 for her work on ‘Barbie’


Ivana is a 5 time BAFTA Nominee and Winner for her work on ‘Darkest Hour’ and has also been nominated for BIFA, Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards and Emmy several times. Ivana taught at our Bootcamp week, helping students to research and create their final projects from the briefs they received from our Principal Christine Blundell the week before. You can see Ivana’s full professional biography on this link.