Theatrical Hair And Makeup Training

15th March 2021

We are confident that no other UK makeup school or makeup course offers the standard or level of tutors that our Theatrical hair and makeup course does. 

From the Royal Opera House to the National Theatre; from the Globe Theatre to the West End; our net of tutors is very expansive. 

For thousands of years people have been applying makeup and performing. By adding powdered pigments to wax or grease, the transformation of a person has been the key element in theatrical performance. 

Understanding the contrast between theatre makeup and Film and TV makeup is key.

When Christine was asked to design the makeup for a play starring Nicole Kidman, she found, to begin with, a challenge. She kept forgetting to stand away and look at the actors from the perspective of the audience. Rather, she kept being close up! 

It’s these comparisons and awareness that will create a perfect makeup artist.


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