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September 4th 2017 – Total fee £12,280

So, you wish to become a makeup artist?

As Christine Blundell designed all the makeup courses herself and is a leading makeup designer, it is safe to assume that she knows a thing or two of what makeup and hair skills are needed.

You will need to have passion, motivation and a good work ethic to succeed. This career is not for the faint hearted. Can you handle long hours? Each day, regardless of weather conditions?

The essence of No 16 week hair and makeup course is to engage the student more in period hair and makeup.
We shall be more demanding of you in “Boot Camp.” wanting a back story and detailed period research, in order to create stunning characters.
The No16 hair and makeup course also offers a week of barbering, a great skill to assist you further.

Regardless which genre you are interested in, these skills and mind set can be adapted to suit many genres.


Work Experience

Every CBMA student is offered film experience on Christine Blundell’s latest projects. She only employs her graduates from trainees to Juniors and many makeup artists.

Some of Christine’s films include:

  • King Arthur Knights Of the Round Table.
  • Legend – starring Tom Hardy
  • Genius (upcoming) – starring Jude Law & Nicole Kidman

CBMA is the only makeup academy to offer genuine work experience on major film projects.

Free Ipad for All Students.

Every student taking the makeup course will receive their own mini iPad in which to store and showcase their work. Absolutely FREE.
We believe that it is vital for you to document your work, through notes and pictures, in the safest, securest way possible – No other makeup academy provides each student with an iPad.

No 16 Week Hair & Makeup Course modules

basic-img-bg-moduleUnderstanding Media Makeup.

Learn about skin tones, bases, powders concealers, eye shapes, eyebrows, lip shapes, facial contouring and Beauty make up.


Covering different looks for fashion, editorial and catwalk, emphasising speed and creativity alongside precision makeup skills. Knowing how to work on ageing skin and darker tones.

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img-periodHair Cutting and Styling.

Basic cutting and sectioning of hair, blow-drying, setting hair, using rollers, and laying the groundwork for period styles and looks.

Wig Skills

Learning how to prepare hair and how to wrap and measure for a wig. We teach wig blocking and application, using hairpieces and wefts, and general wig care.

Period Hair and Makeup

A period production has to have accurate, factual period makeup and hair true to its time, and we teach the skills in this module.

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Covers theatrical makeup and the differences between that and film. Creating a character through make up wigs, bald caps and other techniques.

Facial Hair

Laying on facial hair with loose hair. Measuring actors for making facial hair. Applying beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. Knotting facial hair.

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Wig Skills

Learning how to prepare hair and how to wrap and measure for a wig. We teach wig blocking and application, using hairpieces and wefts, and general wig care.

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Understanding how a Film or TV production works.

We have allocated two weeks for many varied and important skills; an understanding of how and what.

Script Breakdown and Breaking Down

We will breakdown from scene 20 to scene 50, all the juicy bits with Holmes fighting.

– Reading and understanding the script

– List of the characters involved in the scenes

– List of the supporting artist involved in the scenes

– Find out the most dangerous scenes and if we require stunt doubles or any picture doubles

– list of locations and day/night times

Hair Extensions

Learning the skills and application of real hair extensions, sectioning, styling and care.


Learning the techniques of airbrushing which can be used for HD films, fashion and beauty and prosthetic effects and colouring.


The course covers sculpting and moulding prosthetic pieces using silicone and gelatine and learning colouring and application techniques. Each student will complete a face cast on which to sculpt pieces, and learn how to apply them for a complete effects makeup look.


We teach the essential skills for making wounds, colouring and applying them to the skin. Effects like burns, diseases, skin conditions are also on this module. Bruising, black eyes, old scars, ageing and the associated products used are

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boot-camp-modules-img-2WEEK FOURTEEN  BOOT CAMP

Boot Camp

The purpose of these last two weeks of your time at CB*MA is to bring together all of the processes, techniques and skills of the entire course, to help you the student to leave the Academy as a rounded, confident and capable trainee make up artist. The student must be ready to accept any brief, time constraint or variation given to them and still produce work of a high standard. You will be treated in effect as our crew and pull together as a team. You will be expected to plan and prioritise to get their looks ‘Camera ready’ on time.

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The key differences between No14 and No16

All our Hair and Makeup courses teach the essential skills within the ten core modules. You will need these what ever you decide to do.

We have extended the No14 to include extra Theatre and understanding Film and TV production. This includes breaking down a character, or dirtying down. We feel this is very important.

The No16 has the added benefit of a week of extra makeup. In this week we focus on the varying period makeup looks. How to move from one look to another.

We have also added on top of the hair skills you are already taught a week of Barbering; an essential tool to have.


The amount I learnt in the course was unbelievable.

All the teachers were so passionate about their work and seeing them do what they love in the demonstrations every morning was such a great experience. They had so much to offer to us – They really wanted to help.

Going to CB*MA has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Grayson Galway
Grayson Galway
To be a makeup artist on a movie set was always my dream.

I learned more skills in 5 months than I ever imagine, my personality grew immensely, I learned that it’s not just about makeup it is so much more.

I worked… on set of Disney’s Cinderella, where I started as a trainee and finished as a junior makeup artist second unit.

Nadine Sennhauser
Nadine Sennhauser
Petar and the girls at CBMA were also extremely supportive in those early days.

I was given the chance to tour Europe with Bill Kenwright Ltd’s Evita. I have had the privilege of working for the English National Opera and at The National Theatre, and just recently on Mama Mia.

If you think optimistically about your future and you work hard at finding work then you will make progress!

Polly Avison
Polly Avison

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