The 3 Month Makeup Course

Work Experience on Major Films

Every CBMA student is offered work experience on Christine Blundell’s next film… but one lucky student will be chosen to work as Christine’s trainee on the film.

Some of Christine’s films include:

  • Sherlock Holmes – starring Robert Downey Jr.
  • Legend – starring Tom Hardy
  • Genius (upcoming) – starring Jude Law & Nicole Kidman

CBMA is the only makeup academy to offer genuine work experience on major film projects.

Congratualtions to some of our most recent graduates – Amy for getting a place on the TV series Mr. Selfridge as a make-up trainee, and Emma, Nadine, Niall and Grayson for getting jobs on Christine’s newest feature film about the Kray Twins, Legend, starring Tom Hardy.

Could you be next?

Three Month Course start date:

January 3rd- 24th March
Monday- Friday
10.00 – 16.00

FREE iPad Mini for all Students

Every student taking the makeup course will receive their own mini iPad in which to store and showcase their work. Absolutely FREE.

Take pictures and videos of your makeup work.

Start your portfolio right at the start of your career.

Research to help you study for each course module.

Store course notes in one place

We believe that it is vital for you to document your work, through notes and pictures, in the safest, securest way possible – No other makeup academy provides each student with a FREE iPad.

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What will the course ask from you?

Obviously you need to have the passion and motivation to become the best make up artist possible, which goes without saying. However, one of the many skills you will need to become a great make up artist is to understand research. It is not as simple as doing a quick Google search on a historical character, print and run, but it is to delve into the character you are creating.

As an example in your boot camp notes, you will be asked to recreate a period look; maybe the 30s, 1931 and 1939, the looks differed. A good student will pin point a particular year and then a country. Does the character live in the city or the countryside? What class are they? All these questions matter for the end result. One of our students even gave the character a name, family and background, the result was a fantastic look.

The cost of the Three Month Course: £8,300
Vat at 20% £1,660
Total cost £9960

Limited places! Our next course starts: 3th January 2017

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About the 3 Month Makeup Course

People need different things at different times. At our Make-up Academy, we offer a range of hair and make-up courses to suit your personal circumstances, each underpinned by the core skills that Christine Blundell states as essential.

The intensive 3 month makeup course offers a comprehensive grounding in the most important aspects of film and TV make-up and hair design. It is intensive, hands on vocational training. Choosing this course will not put you at a disadvantage, as we ensure the entire core CB*MA modules are covered. It has been running since the beginning of CB*MA and has produced many successful graduates, going on to work on such films as The Hobbit, Skyfall and many more. Christine Blundell originally took a three month makeup course and look where she is now!

On completion you will have all the skills you need to become a first class Make-up trainee. We have highlighted this term because we believe that no amount of academy training can create a fully-fledged make-up artist. To earn that title you have to serve your time in the industry, gradually accumulating real-life experiences. Do not be fooled by the other course providers who promise you instant success.

Modules Featured in this Makeup Course


Basic Make-up

Working on your primary canvas, the face, to determine the skin type, colour and tone and the products suitable.


Basic Hair

In this module you will learn basic sectioning, cutting and layering, styling (as well as styling for period features) and application of treatments.



During Wig work you gain a thorough historical, technical and practical grounding so that you can deal confidently with wigs and hair pieces.


Casualty Make-up

You will learn everything from understanding the cause of a wound and how that impacts on its appearance, to creating wounds, scars, skin break-outs, tears and sweat, dirtying down, bruises, and other special effects.


Period Hair & Make-up

Working through key historical time periods, this module covers the hair styles and key makeup looks necessary to then expand on them and develop your character’s appearance, reflecting their social standings.


Facial Hair

You’ll cover laying on facial hair with loose hair, full chin and moustache, application of beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns, knotting facial hair to mend pieces and create your own.


Theatre Make-up

During the course of this week you will learn to use pan sticks and grease pallets, facial shaping, eye shaping, ageing, theatre and character work using make-up, wigs, bald caps, old age stipple (latex) and facial hair.



We will teach you about the various prosthetic materials out there, sculpting basic prosthetics (including wounds and a nose), silicone moulding and facial casting, application of gelatine prosthetics, eye bags, ageing with prosthetics and making and applying bald caps.


Boot Camp

A little taste of real life from the safety of the Academy. From research and advance preparations, to selecting your kit and setting up on the day, you will be shown all of the practical ‘on-the-job’ skills you will need to put your new found technical expertise to the test.

Past Student Testimonials

CBMA were brilliant, constantly sending us work experience offers.

I was lucky to be selected by Christine Blundell to be a trainee on the Richard Curtis film.

Going to CBMA was the best decision I ever made.

Scarlett McPherson
Scarlett McPherson
I was getting daily trainee work on Gulliver’s Travels and then I got asked to go to Tenerife on the remake of the Clash of the Titans.

Now I am getting work as a full paid daily work on some big budget films.

I’ve met the most amazingly talented people.

Scarlett McPherson
Scarlett McPherson
I worked as a daily trainee in the crowd room on ‘John Carter of Mars’. This was an immense experience – the film was using the largest make-up and hair team ever in the UK.

I’ve had some of the best times and it’s been so enjoyable that I just want it to start all over again!

Scarlett McPherson
Scarlett McPherson