Our Reasons For Starting A Makeup Academy.

  • After Ten years of training we have two award winning graduates and a phenomenal amount of Graduates working in all industries. Perfect success!!
  • With Christine actively working in the Film Industry, it allows access to our graduates for fantastic opportunities of work.
  • To quote Naomi Donne another leading makeup Designer (James Bond) ….” There’s this flood of young people who think they are qualified to work on a big film when they’ve done a month in make-up school. That’s what they do, they spend a fortune for a one to three month course and they feel they’re ready for the film industry. There are some very good courses out there, for instance Christine Blundell’s school, so I look out for her students. “
  • We instill a work ethic, an understanding of Teamwork and a Family Spirit, simple elements yet vital.
  • We do not have an age barrier, yet we encourage younger potentials to seek life experiences before embarking on one of our courses. Other makeup academy’s are not so thoughtful.
  • Our classes are small and personal.
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