Wig Makeup
Is there anything more dispiriting whilst watching a movie than a dodgy syrup? (syrup of fig, wig, but you knew that).

It can make or break a film or TV production. Anne Hathaway, Broke back mountain; Halle Berry in X men and any character from Twilight. All the wigs at Christine Blundell Makeup academy are made on a fine lace and have been used on the big productions that she has worked on. This means they are of great quality. A perfect place to start understanding why and what.

Module Skills

  • Understand how to measure a head. All the differing ways of prepping the hair under the wig.
  • Taking care of wigs (these wigs are very expensive. You will not last long on set, if you damage one).
  • Padding, nets and shaping and blow-drying techniques.
  • Creating period styles.
  • When to use a wig or hair piece.
  • The dreaded finger waves!


Since leaving CBMA I have had to style, dress and apply so many wigs, so I am so grateful for how much wig work we learnt on the course. It is so highly requested on Films and TV productions, so it is a great skill to have!

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Module Syllabus: Wig Makeup

Day 1

  • Learning about a hair wraps and cling wraps.
  • Learning about the head: its shape and understanding how to measure.
  • Pin curling a whole head and placing a wig.

Day 2

  • Padding out the block
  • Blocking up a wig
  • Washing a wig.

Day 3

  • Set a wig for an Edwardian style.

Day 4

  • Finish dressing out
  • Pin curl
  • Full make up and putting wig on.

Day 5

  • Knotting

Week 2

Day 1
  • Kit – equipment and products
  • Different types of wigs, wig structures, hair and hairpieces.
  • Re-cap of wig week one, blocking, washing, combing, etc.
  • Choosing wigs and blocks for the week’s work.
  • Dressing a ‘natural’ looking wig.

Day 2

  • Creating a waved style. Either 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s
  • Marilyn Monroe / or Land Girls

Day 3

  • Creating a 1870’s style
  • Using padding and nets.
  • Shape rather than detail, silhouette.

Day 4

  • Working with Yak wigs to create a late 18th century look. (Think Dangerous liaison, Marie Antoinette and the Duchess.)

Day 5

  • Choosing a style that will suite each others’ hair and adapting the style to the person.
  • Using products.
  • Discuss why the style was chosen and the products used.

Note: the above syllabus is illustrative of a typical module. It may be subject to change at any time.

Wig Makeup Course Photos

Here’s just a small selection of photos of students and work from our basic makeup course module.

If you’d like to see more, take a look at our full wig makeup photo page.

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